Thursday, April 21, 2016

New MG Book Deal for THE BONE THIEF!!

Hey Everyone-

In the midst of all the UNRIVALED pre-pub excitement (in stores everywhere May 10!)- I wanted to take a moment to announce my latest book deal for my new middle grade novel THE BONE THIEF!!

From today's Publisher's Weekly:

Krista Vitola at Delacorte has bought The Bone Thief by Alyson Noel. Set in a very strange small town where everything is weird and normal is not a plus, a ragtag team of 11-year-olds with otherworldly abilities set out to solve the mystery behind the sudden onset of “common” events plaguing the town. Publication is planned for fall 2017; Bill Contardi at Brandt & Hochman negotiated the deal for North American rights. 

And speaking of UNRIVALED...

I'm going to announce a super fun pre-order contest very soon- so be sure to check back because you won't want to miss this! To get a head start, you can find the pre-order links HERE. Just be sure to take a photo of your receipt since you might need it later!

More soon!


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