Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ray of Light

Last night I went to a memorial for a friend.

The focus was on celebrating their life and sharing funny memories, and while memorials are never easy, and the loss of my friend loomed large, there were some really great moments, involving some genuine laughs that seemed to lift the whole room. And it was during one of those laughs when I realized, once again, that THIS is what it’s really about.

It’s not what we are in the world, but how we are that matters.

Or, to steal a line from SHADOWLAND:

“We are not defined by our things . . . It’s not the clothes that we wear, the cars that we drive, the art we acquire—it’s not where we live—but how we live that defines us. . .it’s our actions that are remembered long after we’re gone.”

And while my friend will be remembered by thousands of people around the world for his groundbreaking books on screenwriting, it was his unfailing optimism, generosity of spirit, and pure passion for seeing his students succeed that touched us the most.

How do you want to be remembered?


PS- I'm over at Living Your Five today, blogging about my progress! See it HERE.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sweetness Follows

So remember when I told you about EVERMORE being pubbed in the UK? Well, the other day I received the "black box"--a sort of marketing treat they sent out to various UK booksellers consisting of, well, a black box, a copy of EVERMORE, a copy of The Bookseller (see post below), some red confetti, and several fortune cookies, wrapped in shiny red mylar, with fortunes such as these (I know it's kind of hard to read, but squinting helps!):

How cool is that? Wish I'd thought of it!

And speaking of cool, the Fivers just got a really nice mention on the Heifer International site, you can see it HERE!

Also, a new SHADOWLAND signing has just been added on November 19, at 7:00 PM here:

Thursday, November 19
Time: 7:00 PM
Border’s Books
4980 Stockdale Highway
Bakersfield, CA 93309

This will probably be the last one until 2010 what with the holidays coming up, my book deadlines, and, oh, did I mention I'm getting braces?? Braces and gum surgery . . . yikes!

And, lastly, I've just ordered some shiny, new SHADOWLAND bookmarks and if you send me a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

Alyson Noel
14 Monarch Bay Plaza, #186
Monarch Beach, CA 92629

I'll send some your way!

Have a great day everyone!


Friday, September 25, 2009

Come Together

Hey Everyone-

I'm really excited to announce that I will be celebrating the release of the third book in THE IMMORTALS series, SHADOWLAND on it's release date, Tuesday, November 17, 2009, at 6:00 PM at:

Barnes and Noble Booksellers
791 S. Main St., #100
Orange, CA 92868
tel: (714) 558-3029

Originally, the plan was to go on tour, but as the new release date falls so close to the holidays, the tour is on hold until the DARK FLAME release in 2010--and there will be lots of touring in 2010, between that, the Smart Girl's Tour, TBF Live . . .

So anyway, I really hope you can come celebrate with me--hope to see YOU there!!


PS- Have a fun weekend!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Every Picture Tells a Story

So, things have been rather busy here at the Alyson Noel headquarters (aka- The Home Office). As I may have noted earlier, EVERMORE was released in the UK last week, and they've done some really cool things to promote it, like this cover on Bookseller magazine (I hear it's like the Publisher's Weekly of Britain!)--

And THIS Bebo page where you can watch the trailer and download some very cool skins and stuff.

Or you can even watch the trailer HERE, your choice.

And speaking of trailers, I've hired Circle of Seven to make one for SHADOWLAND so stay tuned for that!

And speaking of the UK, I'm just finishing up a short story (a gothic romance!) for next fall's KISSES FROM HELL anthology, that just so happens to take place in the UK, which has really made me want travel to the UK as I really, really love it there . . . hmmm, maybe a quick trip can be arranged . . .

And in more IMMORTALS news, BLUE MOON was chosen as a Justine magazine Page Turner!

And since that print's kinda hard to read, here's what they said:

"Why Read It: Together Ever and Damen are a great love story that spans the centuries! There life as immortals is addicting, and this book takes you back into their long history as star-crossed soul mates. In this book they say, "Never fast forward into the future. You rob yourself of the journey." Blue Moon is a great journey that will have you wishing that a gorgeous guy would bring YOU red tulips!"

Also, some of you have been asking what happened to the 3 chapter excerpt I had posted on my website last week--well, it seems I may have jumped the gun on that one as my publisher has something exciting planned for the unveiling so they're gone for now . . . though they will return so stay tuned!

And, I did a fun interview HERE on Robert Kent's site, and while you're there you might want to look around a bit, he's got some interesting stuff posted on there!

And, last but not least, the Fivers are featured on Stephanie Kuehnert's Women Who Rock Wednesday, so click HERE to read about our rock star moments and for your chance to win some cool swag!!

And, my hunt for new reading glasses continues . . . did I mention I've been wearing the same frames for five years now?? Time for an update!

Have a great day Everyone!


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just a Song Before I Go

Hey Everyone-

I'm on my way out the door, but just wanted you to know that the first three chapters of SHADOWLAND are now up!!!

You can read the excerpt HERE!

Also, today is the release of EVERMORE in the UK (I know the link shows October 2nd- but they moved it up!) and it feels just like a birthday--you know, English style, with tea and crumpets and stuff!!

Have a great day!



Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hanging by a Moment

(Me, Marlene Perez, Mary Pearson, Mary Anne Ramsey)

So yesterday's talk & sign at the Mission Viejo Reader's Festival was an absolute blast! Not only did I get to hang out with good friends Marelene Perez and Mary Pearson (and at the lunch beforehand, Debby Garfinkle!), meet Jennifer Kogler who is as nice as she is hilarious, catch a slightly stalkerish, glimpse of one of my childhood icons, The Fonz, but I also got to meet a ton of really awesome readers--thanks to all of you who showed up!

I'm seriously so impressed with the way it turned out, I can hardly believe it was their very first event. Though I'm sure that's due in good part to the wonderful volunteers who kept it running so smoothly and for the efforts of Mary Anne Ramsey, young adult librarian extraordinaire!

After the signing I headed straight for Peralta Hills for the third annual Paws for Cures Benefit where I hung with my good friends (shout out to Snarky, O'malley, and Sue!), and meet some very cool celebrities like Tillman the Skateboarding dog who is so nice and down to earth, it's clear he's just doing what he loves and isn't in it for the celebrity despite his red carpet pose!

I also got to meet Ben Carey, Lifehouse guitarist, who is also really nice and down to earth (and really cute too!), and whose songs just so happen to appear on the BLUE MOON playlist, which I will get up on my website, um, soon--very soon!

Oh and he even took to the stage and played a few songs which was a total treat!

All in all a really great Saturday--and now, back to work!

Happy Sunday Everyone!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Round Here

Well, things have been a little quiet round here for the last week or so, and I'm blaming it on The Deadline, or, The Deadlines (plural) as the case may be.

I spent part of last week holed up in a Vegas hotel room, hunched over my computer, writing like mad, while my husband enjoyed a little time by the pool reading the pages I'd written the day before--yup, we're quite the team! The trip was planned many, many months ago, so many months ago that I actually got the dates mixed up and we almost missed the first day! Of course, back when we planned it, I imagined myself by the pool as well with deadlines the farthest thing from my mind, but still, it wasn't so bad and I think I might be onto something. There's something to be said for things like room service and freshly made beds and clean towels when you're down to the wire!

Of course it wasn't all work and no play, I managed to get out at night for some really great meals, and we even saw Jersey Boys, which was fabu!!! If you get a chance to see it--GO--I'm so serious, it was awesome and I've been listening to the soundtrack all week!

But the best part of all is that I actually got the book done a day before it was due! The book being DARK FLAME which is now with my editor, as I roll up my sleeves (metaphorically speaking, it's hot here, so I'm pretty much wearing tank tops these days!), as I finish up a story for the KISSES FROM HELL anthology, and get started on the first book in Riley's series . . .

But before I get back to work, I wanted to make you aware of a couple things, the first being my talk and sign this Saturday at the Mission Viejo Reader's Festival. I'll be partaking in a panel and signing right after, the details are:

Saturday, September 12, 2009
Mission Viejo Readers Festival
Teen Panel- 2:30-3:30
Jacaranda Room
Signing immediately after
Mission Viejo Library
100 Civic Center
Mission Viejo, CA 92691

And, the second being this EVERMORE video made by a reader (shout out to Alexandra!) that is just awesome! It contains spoilery parts so if you haven't read the book yet, proceed with caution, but still, it's really great and you can check it out by clicking HERE. (I was going to post it directly, but Blogger is acting all testy today, hence the link!)

And last but not least a big, huge, confetti strewn THANKS to all of YOU for keeping EVERMORE & BLUE MOON in the top 5 on the New York Times Bestsellers list for 31 and 9 weeks running!!! I couldn't do it without you!

And . . . that's it!

Have a great day everyone!


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

How to Save a Life

So today I'm posting my first week's progress toward Living My Five, talking about a really great and worthy cause I've stumbled upon and putting out the call for you to share any tips you may have on living greener, kinder, more charitably, etc. Just click HERE to read and share!

Also, I did two really fun interviews this week with some really great giveaways!

To read the Shooting Stars Magazine interview and enter to win a signed copy of EVERMORE click HERE.

To read the interview over on awesome YA author Elizabeth Scott's blog and enter to win 4 of my books, click HERE.

Also, not sure if I mentioned it before but The Smart Chicks are confirmed for San Francisco--woo-hoo, one of my fave cities!!

And both EVERMORE & BLUE MOON were nominated for the "101 Best Fantasy Books"!! Click HERE to stop by and vote for your favorites!

Also, the EVERMORE & BLUE MOON translation rights were just sold to Serbia--yippee!!

And, last but not least, we now have a title for what was previously called: UNTITLED BOOK #4




Okay, back to the deadline crunch for me!

Have a great day everyone!