Friday, July 31, 2009

You Should Be Dancing

See, I wasn't kidding about my new blog titling method--so stay tuned for more embarrassing iTunes confessions!!

So, yesterday I had lunch with a friend I hadn't seen in over 25 years.

She was one of the first to befriend me when I moved to a new town as a kid, she taught me to ride a horse (she had two, I eventually got one), and we played Barbies together--making complicated sprawling compounds for them to live in, complete with barns and stables (filled with model horses), and, with both of us being such avid readers, we also crafted some equally complicated backstories, usually involving torrid relationship histories between Barbie, Ken, and that third wheel PJ.

And then came middle school when the Barbies were replaced with trips to Skateway, then high school and all of its ensuing complications, and then, somehow, we lost touch . . .

(my 14 year old self--heavily influenced by Farrah Fawcett)

And now, many, many years later, we met up again, only this time she had her delightful 12 year old daughter in tow--and, well, it was great! Truly great! It's a really wonderful thing when you can connect with your past in such a fun way, to learn and share about the journeys life took, all the unexpected twists and turns, the losses and triumphs, and the way that it informed and shaped us along the way.

And speaking of journeys, I'm talking about some of my favorite ones over on Little Willow's blog today--and answering the question, which would I choose: Time Travel or Immortality??
You can read it HERE.

And now I'm asking YOU. If you had the choice, would you rather be able to time travel or live forever??

Also, just learned that BLUE MOON landed at #24 this week on the USA Today list, while EVERMORE came in at # 58-- So thank you thank you thank you for that!!

Enjoy your weekend, Everyone!


PS- Last minute addendum-- Wanna be a superhero?? Learn how by clicking HERE!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hey Ya!

I have a confession to make.

I, Alyson Noel, hereby confess to spending a ridiculous amount of time struggling to come up with pithy, appropriate blog post titles each and every time I blog. And since I still haven't come up with a real title for UNTITLED IMMORTALS #4, I think there's no room for doubt that I could definitely be using this time in a much better, more productive, way.

So, from this point on, I'm just going to randomly choose a song title from my iTunes playlist (no matter how embarrassing that may turn out to be-- as witnessed above!), and this should get me through then next couple years of blogging.


Moving on--

So, I have a few things to share with you all, like this uber cool EVERMORE wiki made by a reader that can be found HERE!

And art--or more, concisely, foreign cover art!! Below are the EVERMORE covers from Hungary and the UK respectively!

Oh, and I did a really fun interview over at the Girardi Diner where I talk about which of my characters I'd most like to have dinner with and assorted things like that-click HERE to see it.

Oh, and even more art!! This was painted by a reader's mom!!! Isn't it amazing?! I LOVE it!

And don't forget to visit the Book Butterfly Blog for your chance to win a signed copy of BLUE MOON--click HERE for your chance to win!

And lastly, but not leastly, I just learned that BLUE MOON is #1 again on the NYT Bestsellers list for Children's Paperbacks for the third week in a row, while EVERMORE remains at #4 (that's 25 weeks in the top 5!!)!! And I just want to shout a big, loud: THANKS!!! out there to the universe and send another round of cyber hugs to all of YOU!

Thanks for all of your support!

Have a great day everyone!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Good Morning Starshine

Above is the last of the Comic Con pictures. Or at least the last of my Comic Con pictures.

But truth be told this is actually Cindy Pon's comic con picture, (she's in the awesome costume, and Mary Pearson is to my right) and she was just kind enough to lend it to me!

So, in other, non-Comic Con related news, I'm giving away a signed copy of BLUE MOON over at The Book Butterfuly! For your chance to win, click HERE.

Also, I've just added some events to my roster: first up is the Readergirlz Chat on October 19 at 6PM Eastern to celebrate YALSA's Teen Read Week (Evermore is nominated for YALSA's Top Ten Award!).

Then on Monday, October 26th, I'll be signing books at the Barnes & Noble in Oceanside. But I don't have a time yet, so stay tuned!

And lastly, on May 15, 2010, I'll be headed out to Rochester, NY for their fabulous Teen Book Festival and I can't wait. (Even though I kind of have to wait since it's good ways away--but still)!

Oh, and I was so excited to see this nice review for BLUE MOON from Tynga's Urban Fantasy Reviews, who said:

"Blue Moon was totally amazing, even better then Evermore (which I really liked). I was so taken by Ever's emotion I was blinking back tears at more then one moment. I was so into the moment it was hard to bare to suspense and Ever's grief. The storyline is so well built it's insane, you really don't see the ending coming. I was completely shocked!Very well done Alyson the book is great and I can't wait to read Shadowland!"

To read the full review, click HERE.

Okay, back to playing with my iPhone- er, I mean work! Back to work!

Have a good day everyone!



Saturday, July 25, 2009

Comic Con in Pictures!!!

Comic Con was Crazy.

And fun.

It was crazy fun.

Crazy because as a first timer I had no idea how long the lines would be. Did not know one had to be in line by 8 AM to see the cast of Psych at 3:45PM and then Dexter an hour later.

So, needless to say, I did not see them.

Though I did get to meet Cindy Pon who's debut novel, SILVER PHOENIX, is seriously amazing. And I mean, seriously, if you haven't read it yet, go get it! (Isn't her costume awesome?! Trust me, she's as kick-ass as her heroine!)

And I did get my picture taken with the TRANSFORMERS car and, er, something that might be from Star Wars (?)

Saw a pirate or two, though sadly, not Johnny Depp who made a surprise appearance!!!

Had a photo op with, um, this guy! (Sorry, I guess I'm more into paranormal than sci-fi!)

And yup, I actually worked a little too, (if you can call it that!), taking part in a really great panel, signing books afterwards, and meeting teacher and go-getter extraordinaire Beth Duncan who took these two photos!

Oh, and this last one is of me totally geeking out in the Barnes & Noble in Palm Desert-posing with my IMMORTALS display in the teens section!

And speaking of THE IMMORTALS . . . BLUE MOON just got a really nice review in TeenReads stating:

"Alyson Noël has many talents to share as a writer, and she proves it again and again with her amazing Immortals series. She writes with an intensity and a passion, her words weaving perfectly together to create an overwhelming experience for the senses and the heart. The excitement factor is nonstop . . . offering romance and heart-thumping chills.

Noël sets up the third book, scheduled for release in February 2010, with plenty of cliffhanging excitement."- - Reviewed by Chris Shanley-Dillman, author of FINDING MY LIGHT, THE BLACK POND and GHOSTS OF THE UPPER PENINSULA

To read the full review click HERE.

And Nightowl Romance gave it 4.5 Stars, saying:

"This series is so well done. The YA paranormal genre has a flawless diamond among the gems with Blue Moon. Ever does something that I wish more characters would do. She questions the man who has searched the world for her about his past and hers. Even when he doesn’t answer, Ever doesn’t stop wondering or questioning. Her new life is full of power, possibilities and love but it doesn’t stop her from wishing she could go back and keep her family from dying. When her friends and even Damon turn on her, the hurt she feels is palpable. My chest literally hurt as she went through that. Ever is immortal but she is still a teenager and teenagers make mistakes, but she deals with it and moves on from there. I was moved to tears by a couple of scenes, especially near the end. Ms. Noel doesn’t back away from emotion, instead she has the ability to reach into your chest and twist your heart."

To read in full, click HERE.

And, that's it from me--have a great day everyone!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

San Diego Here I Come!

Okay, starting to get very excited about Comic Con.

Like, VERY excited.

Not just because of this Newsweek article.

Not just because the entire cast of True Blood, including creator Alan Ball (love him!), and author of the SOOKIE STACKHOUSE series (haven't read them yet, but am dying too!), Charlaine Harris, will be there.

But because I get to catch up with some writer friends that I don't get to see all that often, or that I only know via e-mail, and now I finally get a face to face!!
I hear it's been sold out since December, but if you happen to be a ticket holder, stop by and say Hi--the details are in the blog post below!!

Also, I did this really fun interview on Ever's fashion sense that can be found HERE. As a side note, I've heard from a lot of people who tell me they didn't envision Ever dressing and/or looking like that, so I just want to say that the photos are the interviewer's high fashion concept of Ever (and I think they're cute!), but they're not my depiction of Ever. I just provided the answers. Ever is pretty much a jeans & T-shirt kind of girl!

And last but not least: I'm thrilled to announce that BLUE MOON remains at the #1 spot on the New York Times Bestsellers list for Children's Paperbacks this week and #18 on the USA Today General list, while EVERMORE is at #4 on the NYT list, and # 53 on the USA Today list!!! Cyber hugs to every single one of you who supported them!!

Have a great day everyone!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Coming Up!

(Well that was supposed to be the Comic Con logo above, but I guess they don't want to share it!)

Hey Everyone-

Just wanted to notify/remind you of a few things that are coming up:

First off: Comic Con!!!

I'll be taking part on a panel Friday, July 24, 12:30-1:30, in Room 3, called:
"Future Fond Memories " along with:

Michael Spradlin (Keeper Of The Grail: The Youngest Templar); Michael Reisman (Simon Bloom: The Octopus Effect ); Sarah Rees Brennan (The Demon’s Lexicon); James Owen (The Indigo King); Mary Pearson (The Adoration Of Jenna Fox), P.J. Haarsma (The Softwire: Wormhole Pirates on Orbis 3); and Alyson Noel (Blue Moon: The Immortals).

Afterwards, I'll be signing books in the Autograph Area so if you find yourself in the San Diego Convention Center around that time, please stop by and say Hi--I'd love to meet you!

Also, did you know that tomorrow is a Full Solar Eclipse?? From what I gather, we won't be able to see it here, but other parts of the planet will and you can read more about it HERE.

Also, I just got the good news that EVERMORE will be released in the UK in October--so for all my friends across the pond--THE IMMORTALS are headed your way!

And, if you haven't seen this yet, well, you ought to. YA author Diana Rodriguez Wallach is running a campaign to be on "The Colbert Report" and made a really cute video in order to convince him--you can see it HERE. Fingers crossed for you Diana!

And--and that's it!! Back to work on UNTITLED #4, and then tonight, dinner with my most favorite surf campers (my nieces & nephew are in town)!!

Have a great day everyone!


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Starred Review!!!!!

The title of this blog post was originally "Monday Monday" after a very old song by the Mamas & Papas, but then I got hold of a nice little nugget of news that made my heart soar:

BLUE MOON got a STARRED REVIEW in Publisher's Weekly!!!! It's the first time they honored me with one of those little red stars (which basically means there are no bad parts, no little jabs I want to read around!) and man if it didn't make my day!

Here's the highlight:

"Noël's sequel to the bestselling Evermore is a mesmerizing tale of teenage angst, love and sacrifice with plenty of crossover appeal. . . The startling but satisfying ending shows that Noël knows how to keep her audience hooked. Ever's supernatural struggles are a captivating metaphor for teenage fears about love, relationships and growing up. --Starred review, Publisher’s Weekly

Or click HERE to read it in full:

So, for such an insanely busy weekend--(book signings, house guests, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang--oh my!!)--it was actually pretty productive too as I managed to make some major headway on UNTITLED IMMORTALS #4--headway that obviously does not include coming up with a title--though progress is being made and I may actually have one to share soon!!

But in the meantime, for those of you who didn't make it to Friday's signing, which was awesome by the way (see below!), I signed a ton of stock, including EVERMORE, BLUE MOON, SAVING ZOE, CRUEL SUMMER, and even a couple ART GEEKS & PROM QUEENS too! So if you if you want a signed copy, the Barnes & Noble at: 791 S. Main street, #100, Orange, CA (next to the Main Place mall) is your place!

Also, I'm thrilled to announce that EVERMORE was chosen for Teen Survivor--a summer program run by the awesome Orilla public library in Ontario, Canada! To see the full list of potential survivors click HERE.

I also did a fun interview over HERE at the Book Reader Times Forum.

And a reader recently sent me this, along with a really kind and thoughtful letter--I've said it before, but I'll say it again, you guys are The Best!!

And, last night's performance of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was ah-mazing!!! Great cast, great production, great special effects (LOVED the flying car!), and our friend Molly Mahoney rocked it!!!

Okay, that's it on my end--back to work!!

Have a great day everyone!


Saturday, July 18, 2009


So yesterday's book signing was, in a word, phenomenal.


I walked in at 6:00 PM on the dot (I usually strive to be 10 minutes early but got caught up in the usual Friday traffic snarl--I curse you 5 freeway!) and what I saw left me completely gobsmacked!!

There was a line!! 

A big, huge, line that wrapped around all the way to the Starbucks! 

And from what I heard, people started forming that line an hour before the event, and the line kept replenishing for well over an hour!!  The last time I had a line like that was at an ALA conference, though I should mention that the books I was signing were also being given away for free. Free books tend to attract a crowd. But that was not the case last night. Nope. You guys came out from all over the place, one woman even took the day off work so she could drive the three and a half hours from Ventura to Orange just to have her copies of EVERMORE & BLUE MOON signed!! To say I was touched is putting it mildly. The Frenetic Reader was there, along with Amaze of Books, and a couple more of their blogger friends, and I had such a blast signing books for an hour and a half straight and talking with all of you--I swear I have the best readers an author could ask for!

And, if that wasn't enough, I also got a nice mention in yesterday's San Francisco Chronicle (yup, yesterday was a great day!), you can see it HERE.

But maybe it's best summed up HERE.

Okay, back to work on UNTITLED IMMORTALS #4 (yup, still calling it that!)!

Have a great day everyone!


Friday, July 17, 2009

Last Call!!

Just a reminder that I'm signing copies of my books today,  Friday July 17th at 6:00 PM at:

Barnes & Noble
791 S. Main St. #100
Orange, CA 92868

And I hope to see YOU there!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

He Talks to Angels

So last night I celebrated the awesome BLUE MOON news (see below!) by drinking champagne, having dinner, and then attending a James Van Praagh event with some friends. It was an amazing night--partly because we got an incredibly accurate and personal message from the beyond, but also because at the end of the night, just after I had him sign my copy of UNFINISHED BUSINESS his latest New York Times Best Selling book, I gave him a signed copy of EVERMORE (my own NYT best selling book!), since I thanked him in the acknowledgments (I'd taken a 3 day seminar of his about a year ago-and was blown away!) and wanted  a chance to thank him again in person. It was a really cool moment and I just love being able to do things like that, which is why the dedication and acknowledgments pages are always especially fun to write!

And while we're on the subject of giving thanks, check these out:

These were done by a reader named Haley, and, honestly, I'm just gobsmacked by how awesome they are! So huge glittery thanks to Haley for making such beautiful IMMORTALS art!

Also, I just wanted to shout out yet another thanks to all of YOU--because aside from debuting at #1 on the NYT list, and #14 on the USA Today list, I just learned that BLUE MOON also landed at #22 on the NCIBA list! So, once again:


And don't forget that tomorrow, Friday July 17th at 6:00 PM I'll be signing copies of BLUE MOON along with other titles of mine at:

Barnes & Noble
791 S. Main St. #100
Orange, CA 92868

And I hope to see YOU there!!

Have a great day everyone!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

BLUE MOON is a #1 NYT Bestseller!!!!

Hey Everyone--

I just got the incredible news that BLUE MOON debuted at #1 this week on the New York Times Best Sellers List for Children's Paperbacks!!!  And #14 on the USA Today general list!!!  While EVERMORE landed at #3 and #34 respectively!!!

And I just want to reach out and give you all a big huge cyber hug to thank you for your kind words, your e-mails, FB posts, Myspace message, B-board posts, art work, letters, enthusiasm, and support--I couldn't have done it without you and having 2 books on the list is a dream come true!!

Thank you so very much!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Other People's Books

So here's the thing, the only downside about being an author (or at least one with really tight deadlines!) is that I don't read near as much as I used to. Back when I was a flight attendant, I read all the time (yup, even when I wasn't supposed to!). I read four newspapers a day, burned through nearly every magazine on the newsstand, and tore through several books a week--but these days most of my reading is relegated to non-fiction research type tomes.

So when people ask me for book recommendations, I usually end up listing all the books that Iwant to read, rather than the ones that I actually have.

Well, today is no different. Here are two books that I really want to read!  The first is Greg Logsted's ALIBI JUNIOR HIGH and here's the scoop:

Thirteen-year-old Cody Saron has been home schooled his whole life by his father, an undercover agent for the CIA. Cody has never lived the same life as other kids his age. He never went to a regular school, never lived in one place longer than a few weeks, never had a friend or played on any sports teams. Cody’s a black belt in the arts of Tae Kwon Do and Ju Jitsu. He speaks five languages and has traveled to every corner of the globe. But what Cody isn't prepared for is . . . junior high.

When the danger surrounding Cody's dad heats up like never before, Cody is sent to stay with the aunt he's never known, Jenny Williams, in her small Connecticut suburb. Cody knows how to pick a lock or follow a trail, but he has no idea how to fit in with regular kids, how to handle his first crush, or 

how to make it through a day of classes. How will he ever fit in?

"Funny and fast paced, this fits right in with the beach crowd." Kirkus

Visit him at:  


And then there's fellow TFCer and cyber friend, Stephanie Kuehnert's new release,BALLADS OF SUBURBIA  due in stores on July 21st!  She's having one heck of a blog party to celebrate with all kinds of awesome giveaways so click HERE for your chance to win!

Here's the story:

Kara hasn't been back to Oak Park since the end of junior year, when a heroin overdose nearly killed her and sirens heralded her exit. Four years later, she returns to face the music. Her life changed forever back in high school: her family disintegrated, she ran around with a whole new crowd of friends, she partied a little too hard, and she fell in love with gorgeous bad-boy Adrian, who left her to die that day in Scoville Park....

Amid the music, the booze, the drugs, and the drama, her friends filled a notebook with heartbreakingly honest confessions of the moments that defined and shattered their young lives. Now, finally, Kara is ready to write her own.

" intensely real and painfully honest novel of high-school anxiety." and "....Kuehnert nails the raw vulnerability of teendom and delivers a hard-hitting and mesmerizing read." - Booklist

Happy Reading Everyone!


Sunday, July 12, 2009


So yesterday I attended a really great wedding--the kind where it's just so clear that these two people belong with each other--soul mates--if you believe in such things (I do!)--and that beautiful, celebratory, feeling was felt by everyone there.  Even when the lights went out for a bit, nobody cared. Everyone was just too busy having fun to worry about that. It was truly a lovely event--and you can just tell they're headed for an exciting new adventure!

Believe me, I've been to the other kind--the kind of wedding filled with great pageantry and pretense only to go up in flames before the first anniversary could even roll around.

Needless to say, I prefer the first kind.

I like a happy ending.

And speaking of happy, I'm happy to report that my laptop is on its way home from the Apple Hospital! It seems it has awoken from its coma feeling refreshed and ready to get back to work--just as I've adjusted to this back up computer I'm currently working on--but oh well, I'll just adjust again, right? (See--happy ending!)

And something else that's got me feeling extremely happy today is this review on BLUE MOON from The YA Book Blogger where she gives it a full roster of 5 stars, stating:

"BLUE MOON is a wonderfully written sequel full of love, hate, anger, and sadness all in one. One of the best books I've read this year."

Definitely a day maker!  To read the entire review click HERE.

And I'm sure it would make my publisher happy if I got back to work on UNTITLED IMMORTALS #4--and since I'm all about happy . . .

Happy Sunday Everyone!


Friday, July 10, 2009

GCC Presents . . . Jennifer Banash!!

Hey Everyone-

This week on the Girlfriend's Cyber Circuit, I'm thrilled to host the talented Ms. Jennifer Banash who I was lucky enough to meet! (Okay, it was via e-mail, but it was still really cool!).

Anyway, Jennifer's latest book in her
ELITE series, SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE, was just released this week and she was kind enough to stop by and answer a few questions for us.

But first, The Story:

Third and last in The Elite book series – Jennifer Banash brings us more adventures from the spoiled, rich teens in Manhattan who nearly ate Casey McCloy alive when she first arrived in the Big Apple from her small town of Normal, Illinois. Casey learned very quickly after she moved in with her grandmother at The Bramford, the most exclusive luxury apartment building on New York’s Upper East Side and got into the prestigious Meadowlark Academy on a full scholarship, that it’s not who you are but who you know!

Simply Irresistible (Penguin) brings us a whole new set of adventures now that Casey has had a big city-haute makeover, courtesy of her classmate and neighbor Madison Macallister – part teen icon and part queen diva-bitch. Wearing the right clothes, saying the right things, and meeting the right people, has given Casey the look and the attitude – she’s “in” and loving it! Much to Madison’s dismay, her rival is climbing up the social ladder in a big way and could end up just as popular as Madison now that the two are set to star in their own TV reality show, “De-Luxe.” Yes, showbiz came knocking on two of The Bramford’s most illustrious doors and, as much as Madison thrives on the attention the show brings, she’s not thrilled about having every bit of her life of privilege caught on tape. However, fame comes at a price and Madison is one chick who is willing to pay anything…especially if it means becoming the next reality “it girl.” Casey, on the other hand, is realizing that Reality TV can sometimes beunreal, causing her to wonder if she even knows who she is anymore. With her relationship with Drew, Madison’s ex, currently more off than on, she can’t help wondering if everything i n her life is really just an illusion – and how much longer the illusion can last….

Although The Elite series is obsessed with fashion and glamour, Branash does an impressive job of examining real issues that teens face, such as cutting, divorce, infidelity, and drug addiction. Having personally attended high school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan provided the author with the background for her ample insight and imagination portrayed in The Elite Series.

The Praise:

"If you love all the drama, scandal, and high-end fashion of Gossip'll want to check out...The Elite!"

"The Elite is Pretty in Pink for the millennium generation."--Romance
Reviews Today

"An awesome tale of friendship and betrayal with just the right amount
of humor and heart. Seriously irresistible, and impossible to put down."--Alexa Young, author of Frenemies

The Same 5 Questions I Always Ask:

1. Every story has a backstory, what's the backstory for your book?

I'm obsessed with reality TV, so I knew from the beginning of crafting the series that eventually the girls were going to get their own reality TV show. The weird thing was that after I had finished Simply Irresistible, Bravo came out with NYC Prep, which is basically the EXACT same show the girls in my book end up on. The concept is basically the same, except the show in my book is called De-Luxe, which I think is a much better name!

2. What's your work environment like? Any rituals, totems, or must haves?

I have to work with headphones on, and music blaring very loudly in my ears. I used to have to also get completely jacked up on caffeine to work, but my doctor banned me from it when I recovering from a serious head injury, and I just haven't started drinking it again since.

3. If you could live inside any book-- which would it be?

Anything by Virginia Woolf. Her prose is so gorgeously descriptive.

4. What book rocked your world growing up?

Less Than Zero by Bret Easton Ellis. Not exactly YA, but I was obsessed with it. I was a pretty alienated teen, so the story really resonated with me.

5. If you could visit any time, place, or person- what, where, or who would it be?

I'd hang out with Marilyn Monroe in the fifties. She'd show me around the whole studio system, and she's teach me all her make up secrets so I could be a glamorous and fabulous as her!

Jennifer's Story:

Jennifer Banash attended high school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and currently divides her time between Paris and the Midwest—where she lives with her Beagle, Sigmund, and her vast designer shoe collection. She is the co-founder and co-publisher of Impetus Press, an independent publishing house that champions serious literary fiction with a pop edge.

You can visit her at:

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Coupla Things . . .

So last night my husband was looking at my wall calender and said, "Hey, did you realize BLUE MOON was released on the full moon?"

Um, no. I didn't.

But I really wish I did so I could've done a whole, cool, full moon, BLUE MOON, release blog party thing.

But now it's just a cool idea after the fact.

Oh well.

So yesterday EVERMORE landed at #4 on the New York Times Bestseller's List for Children's Paperbacks--woo hoo!! Making for 22 weeks in the top 5-- MAJOR Woo-Hoo!! And is also at #103 on the USA Today list--yay!!! And it's all because of readers like YOU- so thank you thank you thank you for that!

Also, Mind of a Bibliophile and Fantastic Book Reviews had some really really nice things to say about BLUE MOON, you can read their review HERE and HERE!

And, I'm really psyched that my EVERMORE/BLUE MOON playlist story made the Large Hearted Boy blog! You can read that one HERE!

Also, if you're in the Orange County area next Friday, July 17, I'll be signing copies of my books at:

Barnes & Noble
791 S. Main St. #100
Orange, CA 92868

And it would be really great to see you!

I'll also be at Comic Con the following week on Friday, July 24th, doing a panel called "Future Fond Memories" and would love to see you there! The details are:

Comic Con!!
Panel-"Future Fond Memories"- 12:30-1:30
Signing- 1:30 -2:30
San Diego Convention Center
111 W. Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92101

And last, but not least, there's still time to win a signed copy of EVERMORE & BLUE MOON over at Melissa Walker's blog, oh, and you can also read the whole BLUE MOON cover story and check out the one that didn't make it! All you have to do is click HERE!

And last, but not least, did you find all the tulips over at my new IMMORTALS site? Every time you click on a hidden tulip you get to listen to an audio clip of a scene not found in any of the books! Just click HERE to let the hunt begin!!

That's it for now, have a good day everyone!


Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Release Day Redux!!!!

No, I don't have jaundice--that's my aura!!

To check out yours, visit the awesome new IMMORTALS SERIES site by clicking HERE!

And speaking of release days, (I know we really weren't but I felt like I needed a segue), what an awesome release day it was! I heard from so many of you who not only bought BLUE MOON but also read it in the same day--and I can't thank you enough for all of your support!!

I celebrated with a trip to the hair salon, lurked around in a few local bookstores, then hung with my niece and nephew who are visiting us for their annual summer visit.

But today I'm back to business, deep into the writing of UNTITLED IMMORTALS #4 on my backup computer since my laptop is still in a coma, still in the Apple ICU unit, while I'm still hoping for a speedy recovery because I feel so discombobulated without it!

And since a lot of you seem to be asking certain questions more than others, I'll answer them here:

SHADOWLAND is due in stores on Jan 5, 2010 even though the back of BLUE MOON says February!

I have no updates on the TV show/movie yet--but promise to keep you posted if anything does come up!

Also, there will be a total of 6 books in the series, so SHADOWLAND is most definitely not the end!!! Ever and Damen have many more adventures ahead of them (many!)!!

And yes, it's true that Riley (Ever's ghostly sister) will be getting her own series set to debut in Fall 2010!

And . . . that's it! So while I get back to work, I'll leave you with these links of fun reviews and mentions you might want to check out:

Win a signed copy of EVERMORE & BLUE MOON HERE!

Fantastic Book Review Interview HERE

Nice mention on The New Media Minute HERE

Headdesk Interview HERE!

Nish Sharma Interview HERE

Nice mention in The Examiner HERE!

Oh, and if you still haven't been to the shiny new IMMORTALS SERIES website--then hurry!

You'll find all kinds of really cool stuff--hidden audio scenes not contained in the book, a place to download your aura and send to a friend, excerpts, summaries, chakra charts, videos, etc! And be sure to sign up for the newsletter so you can get the heads up on all IMMORTALS related news! All you have to do is click HERE!

Have a great day!


Tuesday, July 07, 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's official--BLUE MOON is in stores today!!

And to celebrate the release, my publisher has made the coolest website evah! A destination for all things IMMORTALS including- hidden audio messages of scenes not found in the book, chakra charts, a place to check out your aura and send the pic to your friends, screensavers, wallpapers, banners, excerpts, trailers, and more!!

And all you have to do to get started is click HERE!!!

See you over there!!


Monday, July 06, 2009

Good News/Bad News

So, there's good news and bad news . . .

The good news is:

I was interviewed in the Orange County Register yesterday in the Arts & Entertainment section and heard from lots of old friends because of it!

The bad news is:

My laptop is currently residing in the Apple hospital in the Intensive Care Unit.

The good news is:

BLUE MOON was in the Target circular in the Sunday paper!! (page 5 , right next to Linda Howard's, James Patterson's, and Janet Evanovich's books!)

The bad news is:

This backup computer has an unfamiliar keyboard that will be held responsible for all of today's typos.

The good news is::

BLUE MOON is officially out tomorrow!!! (Though I know lots of people already found early copies!

The bad news is:

I am still waiting for my copies as they've yet to arrive!

The good news is:

There will be no more bad news in this blog post!

Have a good day everyone and a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to awesome author and friend- Jessica Brody!!!!