Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bienal do Livro Signing!!

Hey Everyone-

Just wanted to share some pics of the on-stage interview and signing at Bienal do Livro! The event was completely amazing--it surpassed all of my expectations--and I want to give a Big, Huge, Sparkly THANKS to all who showed up and helped make the day so incredibly memorable!! You are all AWESOME!!

A nice poster for FAKING 19 in the Novo Seculo booth!

The on-stage interview with Val! We had lunch the day before and she's awesome!

View of the crowd--you guys ROCK!

Answering audience questions via the English translation coming through my headset!

After the interview we took a few pics and then we were off to the signing (below)!

View from inside the signing room!


Identical twins--aren't they gorgeous?!

Taking a short break from the signing (it lasted 7.5 hours!) with bodyguards in tow!

Back to the signing with more adorable readers!

More pics on the way . . . stay tuned!



Anita Saxena said...

What an event! Seems like you had an amazing time.

nise1 said...

hi alyson that looked cool ;-D

Larissa Tavares de Freitas said...

Yeeeeeeeah! Our photo!!!! :D I'm sure I've already said it a thousand times, but i'm saying it again: Thank you for the amazing signing and all your kindness, Alyson! You made the whole trip worth!

Alyson Noel said...

Anita - It really was amazing!! I felt so lucky to have the opportunity to meet such an awesome group of readers! :)

nise1 - Thanks so much--it was a blast!!

Larissa - Thank you for the kind words! It was such a pleasure meeting you--your support really means a lot to me!