Friday, September 23, 2011

More Photos from the Brazil Tour!

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to share some photos of the second day on the Brazilian Tour--enjoy!

These signs were all over the streets of Rio--advertising INFINITO (EVERLASTING) for the Rio Book Fair!

First day at the fair when it was open only to school children--the floor was swarmed the next day!

View of the floor from the author's room upstairs.

My Brazilian publisher's (Intrinseca) awesome booth!

Another pic of the Intrinseca booth--I signed in the glass room, it was so well organized!

Couldn't resist posing beside the huge wall of IMMORTALS!

Dilma Rousseff! The President of Brazil at the opening ceremony!!

More to come--stay tuned!



Ebert Vieira said...

Thank you. You who are so sweet!

When you come to Brazil again, I hope, be sure to come to Salvador, Bahia. You will have a big surprise, since most people are able to know your work here because you are being highly publicized in the media, which is fantastic! That is, the number of your readers Brazilians, especially the people here are growing more and more. This is wonderful, you are making people to read! Thank you Alyson for the attention you give me, this is very important to me. Kiss.

Mart Ramirez said...

AWESOME! Thank u for sharing!

Pri Beletato said...

Hi Alyson!

The photos are beautiful. Congratulations on the success of the biennial.
I hope you enjoyed your stay here in Brazil.

Kisses ...

Alyson Noel said...

Aw, thanks, Ebert! I'm so grateful to all the Brazilian readers for their enthusiastic support of The Immortals--I couldn't do it without them!

Thanks, Martha--it was so much fun! Hope you're doing well! :)

Pri - Thank you so much--glad you enjoyed the photos! I absolutely loved my time in Brazil and hope to have the opportunity to return soon!

Babi said...

To tell you the truth: The photos from Brazil, with brazilians fans are completely like we are. Wherever I see this photos, I'm sure I'll know: They are brazilian, independent of subtitles. WE ARE COMPLETELY RECOGNIZABLE.
I'm proud of my country. It seems that you finally saw how you is loved here. I wish you could come here again and this time you have to visit other states ok? My dream is talk some words with you...

Kisses and hugs ! I miss sensation of know that you are here =( back fast?

Alyson Noel said...

Babi - Thanks so much! Everyone in Brazil was so warm and friendly--I hope to return again sometime! :)