Monday, November 12, 2012

ECHO in Stores Tomorrow, Tues., Nov. 13!!!

Hi everyone,

The release of ECHO is almost here and I'm SO excited to share this book with you! 

She inherited a magical destiny—and a mission to stop a powerful family of dark sorcerers. She never expected to fall in love with one of them.
There's still so much Daire Santos has to learn about being the last Soul Seeker....and about herself. As her magical training becomes more intense, so does her relationship with Dace. But when she learns that his connection to the evil Richter family goes far deeper than she ever imagined, she begins to question if love really can conquer all. 

Dace is painfully aware that he wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the Richters' dark magic—and now his brother Cade is determined to use his love for Daire against him. Dace is willing to sacrifice anything to protect the girl he loves—including his own life. But will Daire allow it? And what if defeating Cade costs not only his life, but his soul too?

In case you haven't seen it yet, here's a glimpse at the next installment in the SOUL SEEKERS series...

Read an excerpt from ECHO HERE.

The reviews for ECHO are starting to come in and I'm happy to share that Night Owl Reviews gave it 4.5 stars and named it a Top Pick!

"Daire and her boyfriend Dace are back to restore the balance of good and evil after saving her grandmother and her soul. Dace is deliciously yummy, and if I say so myself, so is his evil brother Cade. It's a bit more  fast paced than Fated was, and it's setting up the series to have longevity. If only it wasn't so long again until the next installment!" 

ECHO will be available in paperback, hardcover, e-reader, and audiobook tomorrow! Check out for all the latest details and a complete list of retailers!  

I had such a blast writing this book and I hope you enjoy reading it! 

More news coming soon!




Esperanza Luque said...

Oh, that's great!! :)

Alyson Noel said...

Thanks so much, Esperanza! Hope you enjoy the book! :)