Monday, October 15, 2012

Get to Know Me & Win Cool Prizes!

Hey everyone,

Join in the fun and learn more about me and my books and you could win cool prizes!

Each week I'll be running a quiz on Facebook and Twitter--and anyone who participates and answers any of the questions correctly will be eligible to win a signed book.
·     Each month I'll be posting some fun trivia about me or my books. If you collect at least four pieces of this information throughout the month and send it to me in a message on my SOUL SEEKERS Facebook Page HERE, you’ll be eligible to win a grand prize—which could be a piece of jewelry or a tarot card reading. Check in each month to find out the prize!
Over the course of three months (October through December), if you collect at least 8 bits of trivia that I've posted, you’ll be eligible to win a Skype or phone chat for you and a few friends with me!
I'm getting really excited about the release of ECHO next month and to prepare for it I’m going to revisit FATED. During the next three weeks I’ll post some fun facts about the first SOUL SEEKERS novel as well as run a weekly quiz to spark some fun conversations about the novel and its characters. Hope you can join me to chat about the book! Those who participate will have the chance to win a signed copy of ECHO or a pair of feather earrings like the ones Daire is wearing on the cover of FATED.
Look for the first bit of trivia today! 

Peace. Joy. Love.



Mart Ramirez said...


angel reyes said...

me excited!!!!! :D

Alyson Noel said...

Thanks so much, Martha and Angel!! :)

Tory Kohrin said...

I relly like series Imnmortal (acctually I Read a 6 part yesterday) so I am looking forward to fated. The cover looks difrent from Immosrtal but in a good way! Even i still can translate seeker - it doesn t make sence in slovak =D =D ... I just wonder if it would be translated to slovak or czech.

Alyson Noel said...

Hi Vicky - Thanks so much! I'm thrilled you're enjoying the books and I hope you continue to! Each country uses a different publisher and, while I'm not sure of all the foreign release dates at the moment, I'll be sure to announce as soon as I know! :)