Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Yep, More UK Tour Pics & Masterclass!!

Hey Everyone-

Just wanted you to know that this Friday, August 19, I'll be chatting on line as part of Stylist Magazine's Masterclass--and I'd love for you to join me!! All the details are HERE! (Please note, times listed are UK times--I'll be up early!!)

Also--finally--here are the last of the EVERLASTING UK Tour pics (listed in no particular order)!! I know, it took me forever to get them all up--let's so how long it takes for Brazil!



Greetings from Waterstone's Manchester!

Talk & Signing at Waterstones in Manchester!

With the lovely students of the Chorlton School!

She graduated the year before-but came back to Chorlton to say hello!

A nice welcome from the Chorlton School!

These students interviewed me at Chorlton--I had a blast!

With a reader at London Film & Comic Con (LFCC) !

Presentation at the amazing New Castle library!

A mummified cat & mouse found in organ pipe at Christ Church Cathedral, Ireland!

Signing on my last day in London!

School Signing!

Ireland has some amazing doors--this was one of my faves!

This lovely couple met on 8/8 and they have matching tulip tattoos!

Finally got to meet Shaz--a lovely reader I've been corresponding with for a while now!

At lunch in London--chef's table!

At lunch with Polly & Rachel!

At LFCC--an IMMORTALS tattoo!


Signing at LFCC!

Captain Jack Sparrow at LFCC--he was amazing!

Awesome fan art!!

The Blogger's Brunch at the Macmillan UK Offices!


Vasco said...

I hope you had fun, Alyson!
I wish you came to Portugal! It would be a dream come true!

Victoria said...

You really look like you have a great time on these tours. I love how you always have a happy look to you. No wonder your books always have an uplifting feel to them even when things are not going so well for the characters - it's you coming through.
By the way - they got it wrong. That thing is TOO BIG to be a mouse, it's more likely a rat ;).

Courtney B. said...

I love that fan's tattoo, and so sweet that the couple has matching tulip tattoos. It looks like you had a lot of fun!

Eve S. D'ropper said...

Gorgeous pics! And now I need a door in just that color for every room of my house. I'm just sayin'.

~Eve S. D'ropper
(P. S. Contest on my blog! Win books/candy/gift card! Check it out:

Alyson Noel said...

Vasco - Thanks so much for your support--it was a blast!

Victoria - Haha...thank you! It was such a fun tour!

Courtney - Thanks--it was an amazing experience! I hope to return to the UK soon!

Eve - Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the photos! :)