Friday, June 10, 2011

Thank you Portland--Seattle, You're Next!!!

Author Colleen Houck & me at the Portland signing!!

Just wanted to thank all of you who made it to last night's signing in Portland! It was an insane day of delays, cancellations, a broken bag, an airline switch, and a made dash from the airport to Powell's--but seeing you all made it worth every second!

As soon as I finish my breakfast (pictured below!), I'll be headed for Seattle--

and would love to see you at 7:00, at:

Third Place Books
6504 20th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98115

Have a great day, everyone!


Victoria said...

EVERLASTING just arrived in my mail box. I am going to have to read three library books first since I like to get them back for others to read. But I really cannot wait to see how this is all resolved.

Glad you had a nice time in Portland. I love that city :)!

Kristina said...

The Portland event was awesome! Thanks for signing my huge stack of books :)

Alyson Noel said...

Victoria - Hope you enjoy the book!

Kristina - My pleasure! Thank you SO much for attending!

Madi said...

It was so nice to meet you! Thanks for signing my book, and one for my friend as well! :)

Thales Moreira said...

This is the moment I most wanted to live in the U.S. But I'm also happy, cause maybe I'll se you at Rio's Bienal.

Alyson Noel said...

Madi - It was so nice to meet you too! Thank you for coming to the signing! :)

Thalles Marques - Look forward to meeting you in Brazil!