Thursday, November 04, 2010

For WLMA/WALE attendees!!

For those of you who requested a copy of the speech I gave at WLMA/WALE conference in October, due to its length, I won't be posting it on my blog, though a copy can be obtained by contacting: Jeanette @ alysonnoel dot com (no spaces). Please put WLMA/WALE in the subject line, and tell her which library you are from.




sjcoker said...

Thank you very much, Alyson. It was a pleasure having you join us at our conference, and I know many of us look forward to sharing your story with our students.


Stephen Coker
President, Washington Library Media Association

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Alyson for remembering I asked for this! I have 25 new "Ever" fans that are eagerly awaiting finding out more about you!

Barbara Gomez
Shelton "High Climber"

Alyson Noel said...

Stephen- Thanks os much for having me--I had a great time meeting all of you!

Barbara- Thank YOU--hope the students enjoy it!