Thursday, November 25, 2010

Copenhagen Day 1!

Must get to bed soon as I have a full day tomorrow--but first, just wanted to share some pics from my first day in Copenhagen . . .

Morning view from the hotel room--snow!!!

After a great interview with the Metro Express, I headed to the fabulous and famous, La Glace to meet up with two amazing readers, Helena and Anna Katharina who won a contest on why they love The Immortals series. We ate delicious cakes, drank coffee and hot chocolate, and talked, and talked, (and talked!), and the whole thing was captured on film by TV2 and Ole Kolster!! Those of you in the area can catch it on the Friday night news at 7:00 PM!!

Waiting for Helena & Anna Katharina!

Helena, me, Anna Katharina!

Signing their books!

Tomorrow after a couple morning interviews with Berlingske Tidende and Politiken/Born og Boger, I'll be singing books at 4:00 PM at:

Bod & Ide
Lyngby Hovedgade 23
2800Kgs. Lyngby'

And I really hope to see you there!!

Have a great day, everyone!



Anna said...

Yay! :D
Yes it was a nice evening and I just think it was so cool to talk to you;)
Have a good time in Copenhagen.

Many greetings from your biggest fan
Anna Katharina

Caitlin said...

Just wanted to say, wow...I'm pretty jealous of all the traveling you are doing.
You have been such an inspiration to me when it comes to writing. I hope to be published one day, as an author for young, middle-school aged teens. It's actually quite funny how I came across your series. One of my main characters is named Alyson (she's a teen heiress), so I had to read Saving Zoe, since you shared the same name with my character. Then, I read Evermore and noticed that two of your characters were named Sabine and Ava- names of my other featured characters that I created. I think that's very cool to have characters that share names with an accomplished author and characters in a best-selling series. :)
I love your writing style, too. Very excited for more of your book releases!

lauraforever said...

AWESOME pictures!!

Any chance you'll tackle The Hague or Amsterdam? ;)

I picked up NIGHT STAR today!!


Susan Hatler said...

Gosh, Alyson, you really get around. Hope you have time for the Tivoli Gardens. :)

Katly Cruz said...

Cute Pictures!
So while I was waiting for my Night Star book to arrive, I read Cruel Summer. And I have to say was a really good, great book. I have one question:

1. Are you going to make a sequel but you left me wondering what happened to Colby and Yannis?
2. If you have already make one, what is the book called so I can read it?

I really love your books. Any book that is like The Evermore Series or Cruel Summer you have written?


Love always!

Katly Cruz, Atlanta,GA

Alyson Noel said...

Anna Katharina - It was so nice to meet you! :)

Caitlin - Wishing you the best of luck with your writing!

lauraforever - Hope you enjoy Night Star! I'm afraid Amsterdam isn't on the schedule this time--but hopefully in the future. My publisher decides where I go and I just get to go along for the ride! :)

susanhatler - Thank you for the recommendation! Copenhagen is so beautiful!

Katly - So glad you enjoyed Cruel Summer! I don't have any plans to write a sequel right now since I'm on deadline for other books, but who knows in the future! :)

Caryn Caldwell said...

Hope you're having fun abroad! So neat to see the photos. I've never been to Denmark, and have been curious about what it's like.

Alyson Noel said...

Caryn - Thanks so much! It was chilly, but beautiful. And the people are so warm and friendly they make up for the cold weather! :)