Monday, September 27, 2010

Thanks To YOU The Smart Chicks Really Did KICK IT!!!


The last two weeks were exhilarating, exciting, and yeah, a little bit exhausting as well, (courtesy of all those early morning wake-up calls!), though it was truly amazing to see what started as a seed of an idea (Melissa Marr's truly awesome idea!) blossom into a full-blown tour of epic proportions!

While groups of authors touring together is nothing new, what was different about The Smart Chicks Tour was that it was fully author organized and financed. Corralling all those authors into all those cities was no easy feat, but thanks to the efforts of Melissa & Kelley & the rest of the amazingly talented Smart Chicks (in addition to writing incredible books they served as artists, tech specialists, and spread-sheet commandos!) it went off without a hitch. And I know I speak for all of us when I say THANK YOU to all of you who traveled to see us--many of you from great distances--and for all the enthusiasm, kindness, and generosity you brought along with you--it was truly appreciated!

For those of you who missed it (as well as those of you who'd like to relive it!) you can read all about it and watch video footage on the Smart Chicks Blog.

Thanks again for making this tour so amazing!


Me and Allie posing with a picture of the two of us at my Dark Flame signing when the lights went out!

The Chicks in San Diego!

Scottsdale made Smart Chicks Tattoos available--sooo cool!

The Chicks in Scottsdale!

Surrounded by Jessicas in Mississippi--including Jessica Verday on the far right!

So many of you made your own amulets a la the cover of Shadowland necklaces and they were amazing!!

Backstage in Austin with the Girls in the Stacks!

Kelley Armstron, Me, Melissa Marr at the kick-off in Austin!


Veronica said...

The two girls posing with the amulets look like they could be Ever and Haven! :D That's awesome!

Alyson Noel said...

Veronica- You're right--and they were so cute & sweet!

Wriergurl13 said...

Veronica- yeah they can. they can look like that. i wish i was there to meet you, Alyson Noel! i love ur books! they are awesome!

Unknown said...

It was such a pleasure meeting you in Menlo! I wish I had snapped a picture! I finally read Evermore and I don't know what took me so long! I'm super excited to read the next one! :)

Tori said...

too bad you guys dont come to Mizzou U. I LOVE THE BOOKS!!

Victoria said...

Great photos. I love those tattoos!

Alyson Noel said...

Thanks everyone--the tour was amazing!! :)

Callie said...

Hi Alyson! Your books are so amazing and i got them all for Christmas this year and I'm on shadowland and its so good and i hope ever is able to alter damen's curse! And i was also wondering, how can I make my own amulet like some of your fans did? and its not really possible for anyone to develop physic powers, is it? I have a friend who says even though "shes not as powerfully physic as Ever, she just has to practice and she'll develop her abilities too" and all our friends are pretending to believe her so her feelings wont get hurt but i dont know if i shoud just let her"practice from a site" or just tell her its just not realistic and that she read it in a fictional book? Whats your advice because i dont want her to stop beliving and lose hope but..AHH! i dont know what at all to do! she researched everything talked about from akashic records to the crystals to the book of shadows and shes trying to find a copy by some guy named gardner? But your books are so good and is it true that theres ony gonna be one more and then the series for ever is over?!
kay thanks for being so awesome and sharing you knowledge with us!