Friday, March 13, 2009


Blogging at the Teen Fiction Cafe today about movies, things that endure, and what yesterday's "date day" is really all about!

Come join me by clicking HERE!


deltay said...

Aha - now I finally know what GCC stands for; pretty exicting ;)

Sounds intriguing *hops on over to check it out*

Anonymous said...

Hey Alyson, remember me? :)
Last weekend I lent my friend my copy of Evermore.. and she loved it too! All my friends are all obsessed now, its quite funny. :P
Quick question: How many books will be in the series? Cant wait till book 2 comes out this summer!


Alyson Noel said...

Hey Deltay- GCC Stands for the Girlfriends Cyber Circuit which is a group of authors who interview each other on their blogs when they have a new release. There are separate groups for YA authors and Women's Fiction authors- it's a pretty cool group!

Hey Melissa-
Yup, I remember you! There will be 5 books total in the series, and the second book, BLUE MOON, will be in stores in July (it was going to be August, but they moved it up a month!). Thanks so much for spreading the word with your friends- that really means a lot to me!