Thursday, December 22, 2016

Letter to Hollywood for FIVE DAYS OF FAMOUS

Hey Everyone-

My newest middle grade, FIVE DAYS OF FAMOUS was released last week. Though I've been thrilled with the early reviews, one just crossed my desk that really made my day.

It's from The Reading Nook, and the reviewer wrote a letter to Hollywood explain why FIVE DAYS OF FAMOUS should be made into a movie. (I must say, she makes a compelling case!) :)

It's been a long held dream of mine to see one of my books adapted for the big or small screen, and while I've had 16 books optioned by Hollywood (11 of those are still currently under option and in various stages of pre-production) it hasn't quite happened yet.

FIVE DAYS OF FAMOUS has not yet been optioned, but with this new review/letter you never know, right? At the very least, an author can dream!

Here's an excerpt from the review:

"...I know that superhero movies are all the rage right now – and trust me, I will never tire of Captain America – but Noël’s story is a much-needed one, providing an introspective look at the uncertainty that young tweens go through, when they’re trying to balance innate drive and the desire to be liked.
Nick’s journey, as he goes from questioning the merits of his actual life, to the wish-fulfilled pop star life are funny and eye-opening, as he learns about personal relationships, and what he wants and doesn’t want from life. Noël has some genuinely spectacular dialogue detailing Nick’s transformation, which would sound amazing verbalized out loud. Ultimately, his growth will help readers reexamine their own lives too. Don't you want to see this type of compelling story on the screen?"--The Reading Nook

You can read the full review online HERE.

FIVE DAYS OF FAMOUS takes place over Christmas, and would make a perfect gift for the young person (or young at heart person!) in your life!

To learn more about FIVE DAYS OF FAMOUS visit my website HERE

Wishing you all a warm and wonderful holiday!



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