Sunday, August 26, 2012

Thank You, Brazil!!!

Just wanted to give a very special THANK YOU to all my Brazilian readers for showing me such an amazing time! Your kindness, enthusiasm, generosity, and support of SONHOS (FATED) mean so much to me! I had a blast on the tour alongside the amazing Brazilian authors and good friends, Carolina Munhoz and Raphael Draccon--pics and highlights below! Brazil is always one of my favorite places to visit and I can’t wait to return soon! 

I'm so lucky to have The Best Readers EVER!!
Check out her T-shirt-it's a picture from my Brazil tour last year!!

At the Submarino Booth at the Sao Paulo Book Fair!

LOVE these T-shirts!!

SONHOS (FATED) display at the Leya booth!

With the amazing team @EditoraLeya

Lovely SONHOS/FATED display at the FNAC store in Campinas!

On stage at FNAC in Campinas with @carolinamunhoz & @raphaeldraccon -
they were always making me laugh!

At the FNAC signing in Campinas!

SOUL SEEKERS style street art!!

With @carolinamunhoz & @raphaeldraccon at Livraria Cultura!

On stage at Livraria Cultura! 

The final tour dinner with @raphaeldraccon @carolinamunhoz @editoraleya,
family & friends--I already miss them!

Stay tuned for an announcement about the upcoming European tour and more news coming soon!




VOLLZIN said...

I could not see you in Campinas, because I went to São Paulo for the Book Fair - which was cool, but sad because I did not see you! It was a horrible bittersweet feeling!
I hope you come back next year!

Ebert Vieira said...

Alyson, every lap your brazilians readers excel! This shows how professional and talented you are. Congratulations! You deserve much. Now when you come back to Salvador also my hometown. Missing you. Kiss.
P.S.:Sorry for my english =)

Alyson Noel said...

VOLLZIN - So sorry I missed you this time! I hope to return to Brazil soon!

Ebert - Thank you so much for your kind words and support--much appreciated!