Friday, February 10, 2012

SOUL SEEKERS Portal Now Live!

Hey Everyone-

I'm so excited to announce that THE SOUL SEEKERS portal on my site is now live!!

All you have to do is click HERE to start reading about FATED, the first book in the series, debuting on 05.22.12 -- and discover the mystical, magical, romantic world of Enchantment, New Mexico where THE SOUL SEEKERS takes place!

The playlist can be found HERE - along with a list of the Spirit Animals that guide Daire and her friends (and possibly you??).

Lots of cool extras will be added over the next few weeks--so stay tuned!!

Though you can always keep up on the latest by following me on:

or by downloading the free Alyson Noel app!!

Hope you enjoy the world of THE SOUL SEEKERS as much as I've enjoyed writing it!




Luc said...

Hi, I love you books very well. I read them all. Now I look forward to Fated. I hope it will be as good as your other books.

Your big fan form Slovakia :D

Anonymous said...

Hey Alyson I luv u xxxxxx

Alyson Noel said...

Luc - Thanks so much for your support--hope you enjoy FATED@

Anonymous - Aw, thanks so much--hope you like the new series!

Anonymous said...

Is the playlist for the Souls Seekers listed anywhere else. The link to it doesn't seem to be valid any more.