Saturday, December 04, 2010


Day two of playing blog catch up and it's time to post some pics of my time in Oslo!!

It was my first visit to Norway, and I have to say that Oslo was just as beautiful as I thought it would be!! And though it was unbelievably cold (as witnessed by the photo below!), the people were so warm and friendly they totally made up for it!

View from the hotel room window!

The first event was a public interview at the House of Literature! My publisher, Anne, introduced me before Elin (aka Norwegian Book Girl) interviewed me!

Is this not the cutest book club ever??? And believe it or not, this was a purely candid moment!

I made a visit to the Ruskeloff school which was filmed for TV- I'll post the link as soon as I get it!

The students were amazing and asked such great questions--I had a wonderful time talking with them . . .

and signing their books!

After, we retreated to the teacher's lounge to continue the interview . . .

and then I headed over to do a bookstore

to do another interview with Elin - (I swear she's so good at this, she should get her own show!)

and of course sign more books!

Later, I had dinner with a group of amazing booksellers who won the Immortals window display contest!

And, this being Norway, we were anxious to show off our elegant, evening footwear (I'm in the middle!)

I finished the visit with another interview and signing . . .

I mentioned it was cold, right???

And then I headed for Paris--pics coming soon!!

See you soon!


Anonymous said...

Hi Alyson :)
Looks like an amazing time.
I was wondering about the language?
Did you have a translator?
Love the pictures.
Travel safe & be well,

Colene Murphy said...

Looks like a beautiful place! Wow! Stunning. And you seemed to have had a good time! So yeay! Thanks for sharing!

Victoria said...

Love your photos. The boots are yummy. It's cold and snowing here too :). Glad you're having such a nice time. Saw a bunch of little Ever girls with pretty blond hair.

Tara Maya said...

Aw, I love the book club.

What an awesome trip!

Jenna said...

looks like fun!!! :)
love those boots too!!

Edel Garstad said...

I cant believe I missed your trip to Norway. Are you planning on coming back to our cold country anytime soon? :)

Kay said...

Oooh cute boots!

Anonymous said...

Aww.. That was so great! It makes me really want to invite you to our school, talk to you about the series, and sign my books please~
But it's difficut because My Country Taiwan is far far away from your country....
You are my favorite writer!
Amy Yen

Anna said...

Ja, Oslo is a nice town..
I LOVE your books SO mouch and i reading to day in my Math Time O_O My maths lesson was a little angry, but then we laughed about it:)
But, i will just say Hey, and merry cristmas x'D

But, byebye, alyson(:

- Hugs from Anna Katharina!

Viktoria said...

oh Alyson the dinner was so much fun, you are absolutely one of the nicest & most down to earth people I ever met. :D Indeed it was cold, but you certainly had the right footwear, hahah ! Still reading Shadowland, and we also ordered Radiance, so I'm super excited as you can probably guess ! Hope you are having a splendid time on your trip! :)