Tuesday, October 12, 2010

News & Photos & Apps (oh my!)

Still jet-lagged--still tackling laundry--still playing catch-up on the blog . . .but just wanted to let you know that as of today, The IMMORTALS boxed set is in stores!!

Yep, the trade paperback versions of EVERMORE, BLUE MOON, & SHADOWLAND can now be purchased as a really cool boxed set--and from what I hear, there's a really beautiful poster that goes with it as well!

Also, for those of you who subscribe to THE IMMORTALS website, be on the look out for a special message from Haven that should be coming your way very soon . . .

Oh, and in case you missed it--a free Alyson Noel app is now available for download!! Keep up on signings, news, and get excerpts--it all happens HERE!!!

And now, on to the pictures . . .

Speaking to the students at Ricards--it's like a sea of purple blazers!

These students were so incredibly sweet!

Did 10 back-to-back radio interviews--looked daunting on paper but turned out to be fun!

Speaking of daunting . . .signed 500 copies of DARK FLAME at the WH Smith headquarters in Swindon!

With a German reader, Lauriel, at the Kaufhof signing--her English was better than mine!

Thought this candy store was sooo cute, but alas never made it inside :(

That's it for now . . . have a great day, everyone!



Victoria said...

I love that candy store. How freakin' cute!

jessica said...

hey Alyson I just wanted too thank you for writing, It is very inspiring. Your books have got me through some rough times and still are. I"m reading dark flame and i must say it's absoultly brillants so thanks again. mabye someday you'll be reading my book lol, til then bye :)

Vitor said...

Uau. Alyson, so many books. Its like a dream come true :)
Hope your life is good. Have a good day and a good writing. My writing is giving me a good results, because i already have two chapters.
Kisses from your portuguese fan :)

Alyson Noel said...

Victoria- I know! Next time I'm going in for sure!

Jessica- Wow, thank you so much for taking the time to write that. To be honest, writing the books helped me get through some difficult times too, so I'm glad they were able to do the same for you! All the best on your writing!

Hi Vitor! The trip was sooo fun, it was great to meet some of my foreign readers! Congrats on your first two chapters! :)

Unknown said...

hey alyson this is amanda from lawrence ma im 14 years old i love to read and the book i love the book evermore i read it in a day and i do hope to read more of them!!!

Alyson Noel said...

Litprincess- Wow, thank you so much!! I hope you enjoy the rest of the series too!