Monday, March 01, 2010

Everybody Knows

(blog title courtesy of Ryan Adams)

Hey Everyone-

Still mired down deep in deadline muckiness, but I just wanted to share the following:

This week marks the 3 year anniversary over at The Teen Fiction Cafe, and we are celebrating with stories, prizes, and fun--so be sure to join us by clicking HERE!!

Also, over at The Marvelous Marketer, the fabulous Melissa Marr, Kelley Armstrong, et moi are talking, er, marketing!! You can read all about it HERE!!

Oh, and The Immortals has a website in Brazil! Check it out HERE, so cool!

Okay, that's it for me--hope you all have a great day!



Victoria said...

Wonderful news. Will go have a to check it all out.

beatriz albarez said...

Hi !
So cool the news !
Good to know that now The Immortals has a website her in BRAZIL !
Have a good week (:

Riley Clester said...

Hi(: i didnt know how to email u or sumthin like that so here it goes.....

I really hope ur able to read this..
My name is Riley, Im 12 and i live in tx...any who, i read ur first book Evermore and i have like a lot of things that are exactly the same as in ur book sucj=h as riley(the name) my age is 12 (like riley) and when ava explains how she saw her grandma....well that exact thing happened to my when i was 4..again i hope ur able to read this.. u can email me at (: good luck with ur next novel..

Alyson Noel said...

Victoria- Thanks!

Beatriz- So cool, right?!

Riley- Wow, what a cool coincidence!! Thanks so much for stopping by to share that!

Unknown said...

Great news! :D
Loved the website from Brazil=)