Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pictures of You Me

(blog title courtesy of The Cure)

(Art work courtesy of Estefanie--isn't it awesome??!!!)

So yesterday I did something I've been putting off for ages--or, to be more precise, since March of 2005, which pretty much marks the time when my debut novel, Faking 19, hit the stores.

I finally got a professional author photo taken.

I know, I know, how could I let this drag on for so long, you ask? (and even if you didn't please play along!)

Well, the truth is, while I'm always up for the spontaneous, candid, party or vacay photo, the idea of posing before a photographer in a studio totally freaks me out. Just the thought of it was enough to inspire no less than a gazillion excuses as to why I couldn't possibly get around to scheduling it.

I'm on deadline.

I will be on deadline at some point in the near future.

I don't like what my hair is doing this week.

I feel puffy.

I have a zit.

The list goes on . . .

Which is also why I've sported the same photo on the back of nine of my novels so far--the one taken by my husband just seconds after checking into The Wynn hotel in Las Vegas after the 4 hour drive from Laguna Beach. The one where most, if not all, of my makeup was melted away, and I was just really glad to finally be there. While Faking 19 features the photo my husband took the time I joined him on a business trip to Ohio, back when I was experimenting with darker hair. An experiment that ended shortly after the photo was taken and hasn't been revisited since.

But with my big date with braces and gum surgery looming next week (!), I finally bit the bullet and made an appointment at Crush Studios, where I was made up by the beautiful, sweet, and amazingly talented owner of Addiction Cosmetics, Noel Sweeny, who gave me a smoky eye I could hardly believe and left my lips glossy and pink, before Crush owner and photographer extraordinaire, Nancy Villere, went to work and got me laughing so easily I actually caught myself doing the one thing I was sure that I wouldn't --having fun!.

And when it was over, not wanting to waste the smoky eyes I could never replicate on my own, my husband and I went to one of our favorite local restaurants, Vine in San Clemente, and celebrated The Immortals spending a 3rd week on the NYT series list (making for 44 weeks on the list in general!)!

(end of the night at Vine- look at that pretty kaleidoscope effect)

And now, today, I'm back to the barefaced, sweat pants wearing me . . . those dark, smoky eyes reduced to a distant memory-or at least until I pick out my photos next week!

What about you? Do you enjoy posing for photos? Or do you head for the hills when a camera is pointed your way?


alyssa said...

I like taking professional photos...sometimes! It really depends. I took my senior pictures a couple of months ago and they were okay. I have a couple I love where my eyes are really popping. The blue is really bright!

Anyways, I have been on your site for the past half hour trying to come up with cool title ideas for the Riley series, but I can't think of anything cool enough to share. :( I will keep trying though!

On another note, I have had a snow day for the past three days here in Nebraska, so I started and finished Shadowland. It's amazing! Each book keeps getting better and better. I can't wait for Dark Flame! I absolutely love Jude and even though I want Ever and Damen to be together, I can't help but root for him sometimes. He sounds like a major cutie! (Damen too of course!) I have gotten my cousin, my mom, and two of my mom's friends addicted to The Immortals series!

Keep writing because I will definitely keep reading! ;)

V. S said...

I HATE taking pictures. I am not very photogenic. I'm glad you were brave and went through with it! Can't wait to see them.

Alyson Noel said...

Hey Alyssa- Okay, here's how much I hate it--I didn't even take a senior photo! And many years later, when I returned to the school to give a talk, they tried to find me in the old yearbook (probably to verify my identity!) and they couldn't! And I had to direct them to the yearbook from the year before, to prove I really did go there--kind of embarrassing!

We're getting closer on a title for Riley--though I'm not allowed to share it yet--but thank you for brainstorming!

Growing up in California, I used to dream of having snow days--they sound like such a good excuse to grab some hot chocolate, a blanket, and a good book!

So glad you're enjoying the series--thanks for all the kind words!


» αℓεxα ☆ said...

I hate taking photos. Do not try to surprise me, lol. I will snatch the camera and make sure the pic is deleted. I prefer to take pics by myself cuz they look way better than people taking pics of me without my knowledge. I hate that. You're been putting the picture off for 4 years??? You already near the title for Riley series? Heehee. The Ghostly Sis of the Psychic, lol. Kidding.

Anonymous said...

I don't mind taking photos. Some people even try to get me to believe that I am very photogenic, but I disagree with them. I rarely find myself liking any pictures of myself.

Good luck with the braces and gum surgery. I got my braces taken off about eight months ago. They are not fun at all, but the results are phenomenal. :)

Can't wait for the new Riley series, and of course Dark Flame!


Alyson Noel said...

Alexa- Who told you the title??

Stina- Thanks! I"m dreading the braces, but really looking forward to the results!

Alyson Noel said...

Hi VS- Well, I thing that's a really great profile pic--you look really pretty! But it can be really uncomfortable, can't it?

Jeanette said...

Your photo shoot sounds like it was a blast! I work behind-the-scenes on a lot of press photo shoots, so I'm usually helping others get their picture taken. I think the trick is to do exactly what you did--just be yourself and have FUN with it! :) Can't wait to see how the pics turn out. Btw, your "candid" author photo is totally gorgeous, so I'm sure the professional pics will turn out just fantastic! Best of luck with your gum surgery, braces, and all the other exciting things you have coming up!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alyson :)
Thank you for sharing. I'm looking forward to seeing the final photograph you choose. Coincidently Jane Friedman had a post on the author photo today as well.
I don't mind getting my picture taken but I want a professional one done for my author photo.
Happy Holidays,

Alyson Noel said...

Thanks, Jeanette--that behind the scenes work sounds fun!

Thanks RK--I'll have to check out what Jane Friedman says about it!

alyssa said...

I was going to add something...

I absolutely hated getting my picture taken when I was a kid so I have barely any pictures of me from about 8 - 16 and I really regret it. When my grandma died two months ago my family was putting the photo slide show together and the ONLY pictures of me and her were from when I was really little, so I say that even though you all hate getting your picture taken you really should because one day you're not going to be here and your family will want to remember you with photos.

Anyways, my babbling is over, sorry! :P


Alyson Noel said...

Alyssa- You know, that is a very good point that you made! My husband asked me one day why I had virtually no photos of myself as a kid--it wasn't due to being a picture phobe--but more that my family was pretty fractured back then, so I guess nobody really wanted to document it! And now, while we have plenty of photos of me/us hamming it up on vacations or parties or other spontaneous moments-- the professional posing part really freaks me out--but next time, I'm going to remember what you wrote--thanks so much for sharing that!

Anonymous said...

hmm.. luv this text!

Simply_Dina said...

LOL Okay you sound just like me!
I usually dont enjoy photos and when people snap them of me i find reasons why they shouldnt keep them or put them up on sites... I usually hate the way i come out in most pictures but i actually love getting ready for them.. recently i had to take my senior shots for the yearbook and i loved the way i looked and the photographer actually made me feel comfortable..
Im hoping that when i get my pictures a million things wont be wrong with them..
**Fingers crossed** =)

Alyson Noel said...

BrooklynzAngel- Oh, I hope they turn out good too!! My fingers are crossed for you!

alyssa said...

You're welcome! :D

Julie (NC) said...

Pictures I can handle..BUT only if they are taken from my good side, the left! The right side just make my nose look...wrong. On the few times I had my makeup applied by a pro, the picture taking process didn't seem so long as it was on the good side! LOL!
I'm told that I will have to have gum surgery too....that scares me to death!

Alyson Noel said...

Hey Julie- I'm having gum surgery tomorrow (braces today!), and so not looking forward to it. But my husband has had a few gum surgeries and he swears it's not so bad--I'm hoping he's right and not just trying to ease my anxiety!!! Good luck with yours!

Anonymous said...

I love your book series The Immortals. I LOVE DAMEN! My friends call me Maxi Auguste. My name is Laycie or Maxi Williams. I live in Arkansas, and I love to read. I have just one question. Why is Evermore called Evermore if her name is Ever Bloom? I also like the fact that Miles is gay. I guess in contributes to the story. I can’t wait until Shadowland comes out in paperback. My mom says I have to get the paper back one. I thank you for writing these books, so I can have my fun.
Laycie Williams\Auguste

Alyson Noel said...

Hi Lacie Williams Auguste!! Thanks so much for all the kind words--I'm so glad you're enjoying the series! To answer your question, I named Ever way before I named the book, but when it came time to give it a title, we started with a very long list and narrowed it down to just Evermore because we liked the way it sounded and since it means "always" we thought it was a good fit! Shadowland will be out in paperback in about a year--hope you enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Hey this is Taylor Prach and Carolyn Hurford Carolyn does like having people taking photos of her, I guess she is really photo genic, but Taylor hates it when people take her photo, but it's funny when I trick her into taking a picture. Taylor is trying to write a book herself, so is Carolyn.Taylor is alittle farther along than Carolyn. Carolyn's book is about some people in my school who have awesome powers, but not all. Taylors book is really long and can't be summerised in a short paragraph which is pretty sad if you ask me. Carolyn's book is awesome, but not finished because I'm only on my 6th chapter. Taylor is on her 48 page! lol. If you noticed Carolyn and Taylor are trying to over come each other. We are like that. Any ways I want my book to be published one day but that wont work for me real well right now because i'm in the 7th grade! So is Carolyn, but it will work for me because I'm awesome like that. jk! LOL! We are now in a class where all we do is sit in the back and try to entertain ourselfs because we are suppose to be tutoring 6th graders since we are in algebra! Well we are going to wrap this up. We are from Heights Middle School and Carolyn's book is called Existence. And Taylor's book is called breathing in the moon but it is under consideration to be changed. We are AWESOMENESS!!!! Yep we live a boring life style!!

a friend said...

Hey I love your book and it got me through a move across the united sttes I litteraly read it while going through kansas! thanks soo much

Alyson Noel said...

Taylor & Carolyn- Yep, you two sound like you're pretty much made of AWESOMENESS!! All the best on your books!

A friend- That is AWESOME!! Thanks so much for sharing!