Saturday, December 12, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside!

(blog title courtesy of-well, many have sung it through the years!)

So, with the rain pounding outside my window, and the sky turned bleary and grey, there's just no mistaking it--winter is definitely upon us! And though it seems it arrived a bit early this year here in (not-so) Sunny California, being the complete and total weather wimp that I am, I'm making the most of it by staying inside where I plan to tackle The Riley Book revisions (they're light revisions-yippee!) and begin the note-taking, plot-planning process of the 5th Immortals book (and try to drum up a better title than 5th Immortals Book!). And, of course, I plan to do all of it while listening to my FREE iTunes Holiday Sampler, which, if you haven't downloaded yet, you can do so HERE!

Yep, even though THIS has just been released (though not in a theatre near me!):

I'm still staying in!

And even though I'd be totally happy just to watch the trailer of THIS play over and over again:

(Er, I actually meant to post the Up in the Air photo, but you get the gist!)

I'm determined to work!

And if you're planning to stay inside too, and like me, are nowhere near The Lovely Bones limited release theaters, and you want to take a break from George Clooney gazing, well, you can never go wrong with a good book or HGTV (I swear, I'm addicted!), or, if you're interested, you can check out an interview I did HERE where I talk about my most enjoyable character to write, and what I would give Haven for Christmas! Or you can even watch this example of screenwriting guru, Blake Snyder's, SAVE THE CAT method at work and see why it's so important in making a character instantly more likable! Also, Blake's new (and sadly, last) book, SAVE THE CAT STRIKES BACK, is available now--and I highly recommend it for anyone struggling to finish their story, revise their story, or sell their story, as Blake reveals his own, incredibly inspiring tale of how he made the transition from struggling screenwriter to one of the most successful spec screenwriters in Hollywood!

Or, you tell me! What's your favorite way to spend a cold and rainy day?!!

Stay warm!



Unknown said...

I just finished Shadowland and I thought it as the best in the series yet. I love Jude, haha.. it really kept me on my toes the whole time.

I live in Texas and know exactly how you feel about the weather, its been like mid 30's all week with bad wind chill and the occasional nasty rain. Ughh..

But on these cold and rainy days, if I don't have to attend class, I enjoy movie marathons, running up to the local video store getting some of my favorites, pretty much just being as lazy as I can, because I have a good excuse.


Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and I'm sooo glad I found it today. I really wanted to send you a looong, probably boring and dragging on email about how I just finished Shadowland this morning, I just got it yesterday and couldn't stop reading....and I loved it by the way...I really do understand though that a busy author like you really doesn't have time for fanmail. and I live in the San Bernadino county, so I know what you mean by lots of rain, it's been pouring outside! And as for your view on the Snuggie, I have one, but I much prefer my warm blanket and the heater. I think I'll just go obsess over Shadowland some more now...

» αℓεxα ☆ said...

So you are almost done with Riley Book #1? YAY!! And I can't wait for the Ever Book #5, lol. After Riley & Ever books are out, are you starting on Riley #2 or Ever #6? Haha. Err... how maybe Riley books will there be? There should be 6 too!! I feel so desperate for Ever Book #5... Grr. But first #4 must come out and I hope it is not in the summer, earlier plz. :D

Unknown said...

I'm chilling here in NYC. Lets just say, it has felt like the 20s but it was actually 30s. Getting up and taking the subway to school sucksssss.

Alyson Noel said...

Hi Taryn- Yay! I'm so glad you liked Shadowland! And Yay on the movie marathon-- I love spending a day that way!

Hi Anonymous- Thanks so much for stopping by--I'm thrilled you like Shadowland--and hope you're staying warm and dry in the rain!

Hey Alexa- After Ever book 5, I'll write Riley book 2, then Ever book 6, then Riley book 3 . . . so far, there will be 4 books in the Riley series . . . As for Dark Flame, I still don't have an exact release date, but I'll post it as soon as I get it!

Michella- You have my sympathies! I used to live in NYC, and while I LOVE that city those winters did me in!! Stay warm! :)

Amy J said...

UGH! We had the most rain in the county here the other day. It is pretty windy tonight but just sprinkles here and there.

I love to get a cup of hot apple cider or tea, find a book and curl up in bed!

Or cruise my blogs and write! Yes, Alyson I am finally taking your advice and writing my thoughts down! I am finding the title the hardest! LOL

Tice said...

Well, it already snowed over here in Mass. The streets and sidewalks are icy and slippery. I like to spend my day drinking hot cocoa or tea, wrapped tightly in my blanket and reading a good book. If it snows a TON and school gets canceled, I go and roll around in the snow.
Best of luck on your upcoming books.

Grace said...

Alyson you may hate rain but i think you are LUUUCCKKY!!! I love rainy weather but in MN we usually only get that type of weather in fall and it doesnt last long. Today, there are several inches of snow on the ground and the temperature will probaby have gone under 0(F) before nightfall. 30 degrees sounds like paradise to us at this point haha ;)
i finished shadowland not too long ago and i wanted to let u know i loved it!!!!!! im already dying to read dark flame!!!!!!!

Alyson Noel said...

Amy- Awesome!! I'm so glad you're starting to write! And I'm right there with you on the titles--I struggle over them like you cannot believe! :)

Tice- Definitely a great way to spend a day! :)

Gracie- Thanks for all the kind words- I'm so glad you like Shadowland! Today is cold but sunny--more like what I'm used to!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Alyson Noel!!! Hello it is Amber and i got a call today from Alyson's parents and it made me cry. she went from the start of the school year being an f student to now having an A- in englis and reading. all her other grades have come up as well but the two she hated so much and never ever did any good in she is now making A's in And that is ONLY due to you. If it had not been for your books changing her life. I thank you for the books you write because they are a true blessing to the people in my life and we thank you and your family much for all not for your readers it is a life when someone picks up one of your Books. The love and truth you put into your books and writings is more than a gift it is love in its purest form! thank you amber

Alyson Noel said...

Amber- Wow. Yet again--you've made me cry!

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and write that--it really means the world to me!

You know, I feel so lucky to have had such a good year, hitting bestsellers lists and all that, but at the end of the day, the best thing of all is knowing that someone's life has been touched and a positive difference made.

I truly believe that's what we're all here for, and you are certainly doing your part by taking Alyson under your wing and connecting her with the right book at the right time!

Thank you again Amber, please congratulate Alyson for me, and let her know how proud I am of her for all her hard work!!

Wishing you and your family (and your baby!) a warm and wonderful holiday!


GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

Well, I think the best thing for a rainy day is to read!:) (It's the librarian in me, I can't not encourage reading!) Alex Flinn's Beastly is a great rainy day read.

I do want to go see both those movies though. The holidays make my movie wish list pile up!

Alyson Noel said...

Hey GreenBean- Me too! Reading is always at the top of my list, because I get so little time for recreational reading these days--thanks for the recommend!

And it always seems that my fave movies come out in Fall and around the holidays--and this year has a good batch on offer!!


Shelli (srjohannes) said...

writing of course with music, chai tea latte and undisturbed (yeah right?)

Alyson Noel said...

Shelli- Yep, "undisturbed" is key!

DreamingForever said...

I truly love to read a good book on rainy yours! Actually I havent read them yet. Just the first two chapters of Evermore in greek. I really asked my english teacher to order them for me!!!! I cant wait!!!!

Alyson Noel said...

Hi DreamingForever- You read it in Greek??? So Cool!

» αℓεxα ☆ said...

Soon, everywhere I go will be towered in snow and I think this week I will get as many books as I could so then I can spend my break, reading. I need to find a book that's historical fiction to do my next book report... Can't find any that I like. So I will go to Borders and check if they do.

Aw, I hope you can squeeze in some recreational reading soon!!!

Alyson Noel said...

Alexa- that sounds like a perfect winter to me!! As for historical fiction, have you read Libba Bray's Great & Terrible Beauty? It's awesome and also a trilogy, the other two are The Sweet Far Thing and Rebel Angels!
Happy Reading!

T. Rodrigues said...

Hi! I'm from Brazil and i read Para Sempre(Evermore) and I
loved it! I bought the book and I couldn't sleep until finish
it. Now I'm waiting for the next one... I think I'll read it in
English, because I don't know if i'll be able to wait until May.


P.S.: Sorry, my English is not so good. :)

Anonymous said...

i finished reading shadowland and it was awesome. Roman is disgusting. but i like low he plays w/words. i feel sorry for Jude though, he seems so nice. i can' t wait for the riley book though. i can't wait for the next ever book either!!! can't you hurry alyson??????!!!! please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lucia said...

Alyson! I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond the other day and guess what I saw??
Hahahahaha! My friend and I couldn't stop laughing. And it reminded me of the blog post you put up the other day. Isn't it ridiculous??

Man, I really want to see those movies and Brothers! Have you seen it? I'm going to see AVATAR this weekend! It's going to be awesome! I'm leaving for Texas today, we're driving, so hopefully the weather will be nice!

And to answer your question: My way to pass a rainy and cold day is staying in bed reading a book; afterward, watch a movie eating a Banana Split or Chunky Monkey or Pistachio ice cream (or if it's possible all three, ya know? Haha)

Have a great week!


Alyson Noel said...

Thais- Aw, Brazil!!! I've always wanted to go there!! Thanks so much for the kind words--I hope you enjoy the rest of the series too!

Hi Anonymous- LOL! Roman is a blast to write! Actually Dark Flame and the first Riley book are finished, but it's a very long process from my computer to the bookstore shelves--editing, copy-editing, marketing, publicity, cover design, back cover copy, sales catalogues . . .it takes a village!

Hi Lucia- Ah, pisctachio--my all time fave!! And yeah, I want to see Brothers, and like, a ton of other movies--this is always my favorite time of year for movies!

Anonymous said...

Da, probabil, de aceea este

T. Rodrigues said...

Hey! It's your brazilian fan. Thanks SO much for answering my message. You make me SO happy! :)

Come to Brazil. There are a lot of good places to spend a vacation.

My friends(Bia, Lena, Jéssica) and I took a picture with your book Para Sempre(Evermore)and our necklaces to show, like the book, that some things are immortal...

I hope you like it.

P.S.: The girls are reading the book too and they are loving it!
P.S.: Sorry, my English is not so good. :)

tnicole1976 said...

Hi Ms. Noel, how are you? I'm an older reader (you can tell by the number on my screen name lol) and i've just finished Shadowland. I liked it a lot, but I'm so frustrated with Damen and Ever's relationship! That means I care about the characters, lol. Please tell me they have a happy ending (preferably together, lol)! I'm dying from the suspense!

It's been cold here too. I live in West Texas and I work at night. It snowed a few weeks ago and I drive for my job. But it was fun! I like the way snow is in TX; it's there for one and then it's gone!

Well, I know you probably won't let me in on whether Damen and Ever wind up happily ever (ha!) after, but it i thought I'd give it a shot! I'm eagerly awaiting the next book and I'll definitely get the Riley series too. Thanks for the stories! ^_^

Tiphy said...

I read Shadowland a few days ago...itz was awesome! uhhh..I need the next book. haha I loved Jude, too. (:

Texas is very sucky right now. Always cold with a horrible wind. I hate it! Went walking the other day and came home looking like rudolph. hehe So yes sitting inside..reading a good book or writing is most defintly my chose of the day!

Merry Christmas everybody.


Bekah1204 said...

on cold raniy days i like to read and listen to the spa channel oh and i sooo baddly want to see lovely bones and my sis was reading the book but she had to stop cuz i guess it got to scary and shes 15 so just a heads up to any 1 who reads this

Alyson Noel said...

Thais- I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture!!! Thanks so much for sending it! :)

Hi Tnicole1976-- Thanks so much--I love hearing from my adult readers!! And yep, that is the perfect way to snow--just long enough to enjoy it, but not long enough to get all dirty and cumbersome!! And yeah, no spoilers allowed--I'm sworn to secrecy! :)

Onesoccernine- Perfect way to spend the day for sure. And yeah, Lovely Bones is def a little scary in parts for the younger ones, didn't think about that . . . thanks for the reminder! :)

Blanca said...

Hi, Alyson. How are you? Well, now I found your blog and you really don't know the size of my happiness. I loved your book, Evermore. Congratulations. I felt just like Ever, Damen, Haven... Thank you for writing this book.

Lucky and succes,

Blanca Aleks.

Unknown said...

I made a discombobulated snowman :D

Alyson Noel said...

Hi Blanca- Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by--so glad you're enjoying my books!! :)

Michella-- That sounds awesome!! Stay warm! :)

Taylor and Carolyn said...

hey I saw the snuggie on a comertial is it really that warm it's Taylor And Carolyn we are back in the class! funn funn fun till the daddy takes the t-bird away... Any ways we never really told you how very much we loved your immortal series, how did you come up with that? how many names did you come up with for evermore and how many for the other books names? 'Cause we love the books and we want to know what happens (Carolyn typing now) and hi. Noooooooooo we dont want to know what happens!( Taylor Typing) the suspnce is AWESOME!!!!! No I ment we will read them we want to no so bad (Carolyn typing). Anyways ( Taylor typing) we both love your books and your insperation and I know that is just one other person telling you this but they all add up in the long run right? We just think that they are AWESOMENESS (Carolyn typing) and if you knew me that means that it is so far out! Sorry in Carolyn words that means she is really happy you wrote these books and she hopes you enjoy them as much as we do! Okay hows that for a comment lol! Sorry if we start to annoy you lol!

Alyson Noel said...

Taylor & Carolyn- You don't annoy me at all- you crack me up! Thanks for all the AWESOMENESS!!


Taylor and Carolyn said...

Hey it's just taylor Carolyn is looking up something for some odd reason. i dont know what. I always wanted to live in Calafornia near the sea side. But my mom always says it is going to crack off so I now want to live in New york state. it is so pretty there and it has the freashest air I have ever smelt. but now I live in New mexico where I am always cold in the winter and I can't feel my hands. lol my mom baught me a leather jacket and it is real warm. Carolyn says hi! I really cant tudor these guys because they are taking tests on there computer. Yes our school has computers for every student. I hate it. i prefer the book and paper method save the enviorment right? Okay I'm going to make this comment a short one since the last two have been ginormous!lol

Alyson Noel said...

Hi Taylor & Carolyn- New York certainly is beautiful--but talk about cold!!!! I used to live in NYC and those winters did me in! I LOVE New Mexico though-soooo pretty!! Enjoy your new jacket!

Taylor and Carolyn said...

Hey it's Carolyn although Taylor is not with me. I am at my aunt's house and getting ready to eat dinner and then my mom, my aunt, and I are going to coffee at The Kettle. We always have coffee on Friday nights with other adults and kids who come. And we love to here the drama going on in our friends lives. It is so fried chickens (long word for freakin) funny. And we always stay up to like 3:00 a.m, I get so drained drinking coffee or anything with caffeine. And now I am playing on my computer and listening to 102.9 fm (it is a radio station that plays R&B). And I am having an AWESOMENESS time! Have a great weekend.

Alyson Noel said...

Hey Carolyn- That sounds like a seriously good time--and a really good excuse to sleep in the next day!