Friday, April 10, 2009

Scavenger Hunt Update!

Hey Everyone-

So yesterday I blogged about this completely awesome SCAVENGER HUNT that the awesome Kay Cassidy is running on her website. This contest is huge--such an amazing, ambitious, far reaching idea--I'm totally in awe of her for coming up with it!

So in awe, that it seems I got some of the details wrong, so for clarification, please read below:

All scavenger hunts must go through a participating library in order to be eligible for the contest. So, rather than e-mailing Kay through the link I provided, if you wish to participate, you need to visit your local library to enter, since only libraries can register for The Hunt.

If your local librarian isn't familiar with The Hunt, please direct them to it!! They will be forever grateful to you!

Thanks so much and sorry for any misunderstanding my prior post may have caused!

Have an awesome weekend everyone!



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