Sunday, November 23, 2008

Vampire Weekend

It was truly a blood sucker weekend! What with the Twilight Midnight Movie Going Madness to the season finale of True Blood--it seems like my entire weekend was hijacked by the undead!

And rather than posting a Twilight Movie Review, partly since I'm not so big on reviewing stuff, but mostly because you probably already saw it and have drawn your own conclusions by now, I thought I'd post a Twilight Movie Goer Review--as in the hundreds, maybe even thousands--who knows?--of teens (mostly girls, though there were a few smart young men there as well--I mean, hello? A theatre filled with cute young girls- it should be a no brainer, right?) who lined up hours ahead of time to watch the 12:01 am showing of Edward and Bella.

The theater I went to in Aliso Viejo showed it on five screens simultaneously, and since Ms. Brody was smart enough to purchase advance tickets online, I thought our 10:45 pm arrival would get us a decent place in line, along with pretty okay seats--wrong! 

We ended up standing in the alley, waaay behind the theatre, the very last ones in line until a really nice mom showed up behind us. And once inside it was third row center--great at a concert--not so much in a theatre!

And while the movie was entertaining (it has it's flaws, yes, but still it was fun), and Jessica was rewarded for her vast knowledge of all things Edward and Bella by winning a Twilight T-shirt for correctly answering that Bella ate mushroom ravioli on her first date with Edward, the very best part for me was chatting with the three girls who stood in line in front of us, and who ended up sitting in front of us in the theater as well, and the whole crowd in general. To see that many people get so excited over characters from a book (yes, I missed out on the entire Harry Potter mania never having read any of the books--gasp! And only seeing one of the movies, well past its release date), wearing their Team Edward and Team Jacob T-shirts, and squealing every time a new character came on screen was truly amazing!

And a $$$70.5 million dollar opening weekend fueled almost entirely by teen girls is a site to behold!!!

Never underestimate the power of girls!

Did you see the movie? If so, what did you squeal when Edward came on screen??


Anonymous said...

Big Fan says,

Is your Immortal series for adults or teens? Hope it's like Twilight, can't get enough of vampires right now!!

Alyson Noel said...

Hey Big Fan-

My Immortal series is for teens, and it's somewhat like Twilight in that it has a big sweeping romance between a really hot, mysterious guy and a psychic girl. You can read a little bit about it here:

Also my new website should be finished soon, and it will include an excerpt, a book trailer, and more fun stuff about The Immortals world!

Thanks for stopping by!

Keri Mikulski said...

Yay! I'm hoping to beg a family member to watch Kaci over the holiday, so I can go.. :) It's so exciting for novels. And I love watching the hype surrounding the movie. Great stuff. :)

Anonymous said...

Did see the movie this weekend.

Have many thoughts. Will be blogging on them this week. Finished New Moon last night. Must read rest of series now. If it wasn't for my friend pushing me to read book two, I probably wouldn't have picked it up. Very glad I did.

Alyson Noel said...

Hey Amy-
I never made it past New Moon, but I'm looking forward to reading your blogs on the movie!

Happy Thanksgiving!