Monday, October 27, 2008


Those of you who read this blog know how I love a good freebie. And in an economy like this, who doesn't? That's why I'm so excited about the fabulous Jessica Brody's Free Book Friday website, where she gives away a free book every Friday (pretty self-explanatory, I know!). But when she told me she's branching out into a Free Book Friday for Teens, well, I was thrilled.

And while the Teen site won't go live until next week, (when we're giving away The Absolutely Last Two Advanced Reading Copies of EVERMORE generously donated by my awesome publisher, St. Martin's Press since my supply is depleted!), this week she's featuring New York Times Bestselling Author, PC Cast, who pens the totally addictive HOUSE OF NIGHT series with her daughter Kristen! Oh, and there's an awesome podcast interview to go with it!

So don't miss it-- Click HERE for you chance to listen and win!

Also, in celebration of her new release, THE MEMORIST, MJ Rose is offering a free download of her first book in the series, THE REINCARNATIONIST. To get your copy, click HERE.

That's it for now!
Have a good night!


Keri Mikulski said...

Great idea! Can't wait to enter. :)

Alyson Noel said...

Hey Keri- Yup, Free Book Friday is awesome!