Friday, June 20, 2008

Finally Friday . . .

So yesterday I had a great time talking with Sarah Bean, Tween and Teen librarian extraordinaire over at the Library Center in Springfield Mo. And right in the middle of our conference call they received a tornado warning and had to go! But then she called back soon after to report that they were all fine-- whew, what a relief! And a big THANKS! to everyone who braved the weather and participated in the call!

Also, I just came across this on my internet time wasting travels, er, while conducting serious research. It's a fun quiz called, Which SAVING ZOE Character Are You?

So of course I took it and found out that I'm Echo. Which wasn't all that surprising since I created her and she was the character I identified with the most. But still, last time I took one of these quizzes on ART GEEKS AND PROM QUEENS I didn't exactly ace it--and when I went back to check the answers against the book-- I found out that I really was wrong!

Oh, and the picture above was taken at a Barnes & Noble near Houston by the fabulous Ms. Jessica Brody who is currently on tour for her remarkable debut novel, THE FIDELITY FILES. If you haven't read this book yet, well, you should, it's a really great read!

Anyway, it's a glorious day in Laguna, but I'm going to stay inside and work. But I'm actually looking forward to it, since I'm entering an exciting part of the story.

What about you--any weekend plans??


Trish said...

I'm Echo.

(And I have a hot date with my manuscript this weekend.)

Anonymous said...

I'm Echo, too.

Very cool picture.

I'm writing this weekend. Woohoo!

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

I got Jenay.

Thanks for the mention-I passed it on to my teens-we're so cool now!:)

So the storms took out our internet all last night and all this morning, but it forced everyone to actually take a look around and realize there were BOOKS in the library-which just made me laugh. We're all good now, so I can go back to checking up on cool teen book news.

Thanks again!


Jessica Brody said...

I'm Jenay! So cool. That was some really good serious internet research. Thanks for enlightening me.

And by the way, in that picture I took outside of Houston, the books were originally in alphabetical order and I moved them around so they were in the order of release. Because that's they way they are on MY bookshelf and because I'm just ridiculously anal that way. And then I was like, woah, I am WAY too type A for my own good. I can't believe I'm posting this online for all the world to see. Now you know all my secrets.

Alyson Noel said...

Hey Trish- Me too! If you lived closer, we could double date!

Amy- Oh good, now there's three of us working all weekend!

Sarah- Glad you all survived it! I'm convinced that those little internet breaks are good for the soul--as long as they don't last too long!

Ms. Brody- I'm sorry to say but your confession is not at all surprising--I had you pegged the moment I learned of your penchant for spread sheets!!

Anonymous said...

A tornado warning? Glad they were okay. I grew up in Ohio, and learned to fear thunderstorms because of the possibility of tornadoes. Now I live in a place that couldn't manufacture a tornado if it wanted to, and I love storms again. Have fun working!

Alyson Noel said...

Hey Caryn- I'm from earthquake country- can't even imagine a tornado!