Friday, March 02, 2007

Nowhere Girl

I admit, I've gone underground. I haven't blogged, haven't answered the phone, haven't watered my plants, even missed my best friend's birthday which is like, completely unforgivable.

Never mind that I'm bogged down in deadlines and papers and can barely come up for air, it's no excuse. And when she finally gave up and called me at 8:45 pm, I looked at my husband, standing before me, holding the phone, and was just about to say, "I can't take it, I'm swamped!"

When he said, "Oh hey, Happy Birthday Snarky!"

And I felt about this () big.

My best friend, the one who financed my first laptop so I could write my first book back when I couldn't quite swing the cost on my own, the one who inadvertently introduced me to my husband when she forced me to have a drink at that Newport Beach bar, the one who once captured a teary eyed ex-boyfriend professing his undying love for me and admiting he made a big mistake(he did), on videotape.

Not to mention how we always make a big deal about each other's birthdays, dragging it on for the entire week until everyone begs for us to move on.

So needless to say, I feel pretty bad, and plan to make it up to her.

But until then, Happy Birthday Snarky!! I'm so lucky to know you!!

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