Thursday, February 08, 2007

Mean People Suck

In the February issue of Harper's Bazaar magazine, there's an article about Andy Warhol, a sort of mini retrospective in honor of his unexpected death 20 years ago. In it, Tama Janowitz writes about her friendship with Andy, and how near the end of his life, a lot of people were not so nice to him. She tells about an event, where, while reading a passage from his book America, someone ran up behind him and yanked off his wig-- and all I could think was, why? If you hate Andy that much, why even bother to show up at one of his events? I mean, why waste your energy on something so mean and hurtful?

There are plenty of books I didn't finish, movies that left me mourning the price of admission, but you will never see me write about them here. I just can't see the point of giving them any more of my time.

And I'm reminded of this quote I read recently that I keep close at hand:

"The cheapest way to feel good about yourself, is to feel superior to others."

I know there are no shortage of Andy haters out there, but I like him. I like how he showed the beauty in every day objects, how he made art accessible, available to the masses, much like Emeril has done with cuisine (and yes, I like Emeril too)! I like Andy's affected speech and appearance.

I like his use of the word, "Gee."

Next time I get to Pittsburgh I hope to make two stops- One will be coffee with the amazing Lori Jakiela, and the other is to visit the Andy Warhol museum- he's one of the only American artists to have a museum in his name. And I think that's worth the price of admission.


Dana Diamond said...

I love that quote and I totally agree.

...Even if I did just take a cheap shot at Marissa from The OC. (Hiding head in shame.)

But I would *never* have ripped her wig off!

:) d

PS The YA says hi!

Alyson Noel said...

See, the fact that you'd never mess with her wig, er, hair extensions, means you're not like THEM- you know, the mean people, the ones who suck!

Thanks for stopping by!