Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Truth About Watched Pots. . .

I just discovered that it's not at all true what they say about watched pots- they really do boil, and I can prove it!

Just seconds after my last post, I heard a truck pull up in front of my house, followed by the sound of a soft thump right outside of my office window. And just like one of Pavlov's dogs I jumped up from my seat, fled my desk, and skidded to the porch where I found a padded envelope bearing a label that read- St. Martin's Press.

Okay, maybe it wasn't a large brown box, and maybe it was Fed-Ex rather than UPS, but inside was a single copy of the final version of FLY ME TO THE MOON- the one that's ready for mass consumption, the one that my awesome editor, Stefanie Lindskog, knew I was anxiously waiting for!

In person the cover is bright, vibrant, and velvety smooth. And the little gold luggage printed on the front bears my characters initials (H.L.)- so so cool! There's just nothing like getting your hands on the finished product- I can't wait until it's in stores so you can feel for yourself!