Saturday, November 23, 2013

Do Immortals Have Spirit Animals?

Readers of THE SOUL SEEKERS know that Daire and Dace are guided by Raven and Horse—did you ever wonder what Ever and Damen’s Spirit Animals are?

Well, after taking their own journey to the Lowerworld this is what they found:

Ever is guided by Butterfly. Butterfly represents change, metamorphosis, transformation, and has an innate understanding of the cycles of life, death, and rebirth. Those guided by Butterfly bring color, beauty, and joy wherever they go.

Sounds like Ever, right?

Damen is guided by Owl. Owl represents magic, mystery, prophecy, wisdom, and night vision. Those guided by Owl are generally old souls with an ability to foretell the future and see that which remains hidden from most. Owl brings awareness, wisdom, and sensitivity to any situation.

Though the description fails to mention Damen’s smoking hotness—I think the rest of it fits! ☺

Wondering which Spirit Animal might be guiding you? Check out some of these descriptions HERE and see which one fits!

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